Thursday, March 28, 2013

Random Things About V

I love being able to connect with the writers of the blogs I read, so when they post random bits of information about themselves I get all giddy :) Some things they post are funny, some are odd, and some are things that make me realize they are just like me!

So today's post will be just some random things thrown out there that you may think are funny, odd, or make you feel right at home with me :)


Dirty Feet - Let me first say that I adore wearing flip-flops in the summer, but I can't stand dirty or bare feet. I don't like dirty socks either actually. Every evening in the summer before I go to bed, I HAVE to wash my feet! I would not be able to sleep comfortably if I got into bed with dirty feet. Even if I only wore flip-flops for a moment, I must wash my feet! I am the same way with drives me crazy to walk around in socks with no shoes. And don't even think about putting shoes on with those dirty socks...YUCK! If I am going to a friend's house that I know I will be taking my shoes off :( and having to wear my socks around their house, I always bring a second pair of socks to change into for the ride home. I know it is weird, but it is fresh and so clean :)

What are your odd pet peeves?

High School & Pro Sports - While it may appear that I enjoy college sports because I love filling out brackets during March Madness....actually I don't really like college sports at all! High school sports to me is the best there is! Crazy, but is what I believe. Most of those kids will never play that sport again once they graduate, but yet they still give it their all every game! Plus, it is great to see small communities rally around their local teams. A very close second to high school sports is pro sports. I can't say enough about pro sports, especially the NFL. I would be willing to give up all other sports in the world to have the ability to watch, go to the games, etc. for the rest of my life. I LOVE the NFL and I am a DIE HARD Cleveland Browns fan!

Are you a high school, college, or pro sports fan?

Friday Night Lights (TV show) - This kind of goes along with what I mentioned above about my love for high school sports, specifically football. While this show was only on 5 (short) seasons, I can honestly say at this point in my life that it was the best show I have ever watched! It always made me feel at home, like I personally knew the characters, like I was a part of their world. I know, you are probably thinking "this girl needs a life!" There was just something about the show that no other show was able to do for me. It just put my mind at ease some how :) Tim Riggins was just an added bonus! :)

Is there a TV show that had a big impact on you?

Goody Two-Shoes - To this day I have no idea how I ever had any friends in school or was remotely popular because of how "goody goody" I was! I still remember being invited to parties in middle school and high school and asking the following questions:

Are your/their parents going to be there?
Is there going to be alcohol there?

If the person answered that no parents would be there or if there was going to be alcohol there my answer was always the same....NO THANK YOU! Seriously, how did I make it through school this way? I have no idea, but so thankful I did!

Were you a Goody Two-Shoes or Wild & Crazy kid in school?

House Parties - While I love hosting events, I can't stand your average, run of the mill house party. There is absolutely nothing enjoyable to me about sitting around someone's house and drinking. I rather be out doing! If I am going to be drinking, I want to go somewhere! I want to get dressed up or whatever, I want to be able to dance to the music the DJ plays, I want to know I don't have to clean up all the mess in the morning. I know house parties make a ton of drinking and driving, little cost involved, everyone can be comfortable...blah, blah, blah. Maybe this one goes along with my "Goody Two-Shoes" quirk, but oh well. That's just me :) Unfortunately, as I get older (and now that I have X) I realize that going out is becoming a thing of the past :( BOO! I am slowly accepting house "get togethers" (I refuse to call them house parties) since X has arrived, and I do emphasize SLOWLY!

Do you prefer house parties or bars/clubs?

So enough about me...tell me your weird, odd, funny, crazy quirks!

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V

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