Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Style Me Pretty

With Spring literally right around the corner (begins tomorrow 3/20) I need to start shopping for some new clothes. Who am I kidding? I need to shop for new clothes no matter what season it is! One day (I hope) I will have all of the key pieces I am looking for to complete my personal style statement = "Fun & Cute with Polish". Then when the seasons change I will only buy a few pieces that are new for the season, but will still mix well with my core wardrobe. The unfortunate things about creating my personal style are you need funds to get you started and you probably need to enjoy shopping. Two things that I don't have that much of or like to do :( I am determined to change my mind about shopping, but still keep to a budget.

Items I am looking for as staples and/or seasonal pieces:

Cami's (harder to find than I thought)
Cardigans (navy, army green, coral)
Khaki pants
Dresses (prints)
Statement necklaces
Black boots (motorcycle style)
Patterned/colored flats
Pencil skirt
Red heels
Neutral wedges
White jeans
Brown dress shoes
Boat shoes
Tops, Tops, Tops!

As you can see from the list above I have my work cut out for me! :/ I am not looking to purchase all of these items at one time, but over the course of the year I would like to acquire the staple pieces and maybe a few of the seasonal/special pieces as well.

Now that I have my list of items, I need to figure out where to shop. I don't mind online shopping if I know how the store sizes fit, or if they offer free shipping/returns. Otherwise I am stuck going to the actual store to try things on :( With a 1 year old that is pretty much impossible to do! Plus, there aren't many shopping options where I live :( I love to shop at Target, Kohl's and Old Navy for cheap staples and seasonal pieces, but their sizes don't always run the same each time I buy something :( Meaning a lot of trying on or returning items....BOO!

Readers....I ask you these questions:

Where do you like to shop for staple wardrobe options?
Where do you shop for seasonal pieces?
Are there online stores that work for you time and time again?
What Spring items are you looking to purchase?
Do you have a budget when purchasing new items?

Help a girl out! PLEASE :)

Until next time....

XoXo ~ V


  1. Hi Vanessa! I read your blog on my phone but never comment. :( That's about to change since I'm visiting on my PC! I used to shop at a few select places because it was convenient and everything went together but I find lately I wonder around the mall and go into stores I never did before. I've also started to revisit former favorites like the Gap and Loft. Stores that I always visit are JCrew, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor for classic pieces. They all have really good sale racks. For seasonal or fun pieces, I like TJMaxx and Marshalls. For awesome shoes at great prices, try Von Maur's clearance room. If you need good outdoor wear, try Eddie Bauer Outlet in Hilliard. Most things are at least 50% off and most is 70%. My goal is to always look great but at the best price. :)

    1. Thanks for the comment Christina! I am coming around to JCrew and the Gap(after many years away). We don't have a Loft store here, but I would love to check one out to get a better idea of how the clothes fit. HUGE fan of TJMaxx too! :) Thanks for the tips on the other stores as well! Now I just need to find the time to go shopping! Soon I hope! :)


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