Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

Welcome to another "Anything Goes Wednesday"....

Tonight I am meeting up with some of my family to celebrate my aunt's birthday. We are going to Red Lobster for dinner....odd for me since I don't like seafood, but I actually like RL. I am probably one of the few that goes to RL and orders the (plain) grilled chicken over wild rice with a side of broccoli. (I might be the only one who orders it since they removed it from the menu!) I must say it is pretty good! Anyways, it should be good time :) Actually, how could it not be a good time.....they serve the most amazing Cheddar Bay biscuits!!! My mouth is now watering thinking about them. Only 4 more hours until dinner time! :)

Is has been Dr. Seuss week at X's school (daycare), so each day has had a different theme.

Monday - Crazy Hair/Crazy Hats
Tuesday - Dress like a Rock star
Wednesday - Mismatch/Backwards clothes
Thursday - Crazy socks
Friday  - Favorite PJ's

Since he is only there 3 days a week, he only gets to participate in the MWF activities :( I will post pics at the end of the week of what he wore and his crazy hair :)

Still working on my new personal style statement, "Fun & Cute with Polish", that I posted about last week. I finally ordered a blue chambray shirt from J.CREW Factory last first ever purchase from J.CREW! I have been searching and searching for the perfect chambray shirt and have completely failed until now. I DO NOT like to spend a lot of money on my clothes....I am so quantity over quality it is ridiculous! But I am trying to turn over a new leaf, focus on the quality of a piece, how versatile it is, etc. (Please don't let me down J.Crew!) Can't wait until it arrives!

Until next time....

XoXo ~ V

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