Friday, March 29, 2013

Weekend Reads & Such

It's (Good) Friday!!!!!

Since the weather is getting nicer and it is a holiday weekend, you might not have much time to do any reading. But if you do, here is a blog I think fits well with the Easter holiday and one that is just for fun...

Last night my husband, our friend TJ (not to be confused with!) and I went to the (local) all-star high school basketball game (see more info here). Well, actually we went to the alumni game that was played first. Now that you know my obsession with high school sports, this should totally make sense that I would be super excited to go. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to follow our local teams since X was the alumni game was right up my alley! I had read a local news article of some of the guys who would be playing in the game, but to my (pleasant) surprise there were a few there that weren't listed. My favorite high school player from when I very first moved here played last night! (If only you could see how big my smile is right now and how fast I am typing with excitement...I know, I am odd!) Yima Chia-Kur :) There were actually a couple bigger named guys who played last night as well like Jamie Feick and Nate Reinking....but of course since I didn't know them, all my giddiness was surrounding Yima :) All in all it was fun watching guys a little younger, my age, and older play the game. Heck, some of those old guys look like they are in better shape than me! Actually, I am pretty sure they are! A few local alumni cheerleaders were there as well last night to cheer the guys on. That got me old high school or county or whatever seriously needs to have an alumni game for charity, fun, again whatever! I would love to cheer again!!! (Again, can't even explain the excitement and smiles going on as I type right now)

Anyways, onto other things.....

Easter is this Sunday! Can't wait for X to wake in the morning and go "searching" for his Easter basket! Since he couldn't walk or crawl last Easter, I am really looking forward to see what he does this year. Pics will surely be posted in my weekend recap on Monday :)

Have you been to any interesting events recently?
Does your hometown or local town host alumni games?
Will the Easter Bunny be leaving you a basket this year?

Until next time....Have a great weekend & Happy Easter!

XoXo ~ V

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