Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Anything Goes Wednesday

Happy 1st day of Spring Ohio!

 Right now the temperature is 27 degrees (feels like 17!)
Today: High of 31 degrees with SNOW flurries
Tonight: Low of 19 degrees with few SNOW showers

Seriously? Yes, seriously! This is Ohio after all :) On the bright side I will be pulling out my white dress pants to wear very soon now that it is technically Spring!

Is it truly Spring where you live?
What clothing item are you stoked to wear now?

Last night was the season finale of Pretty Little Liars :(  I am SO glad Spencer is not truly part of the A Team, and super happy that Toby is still alive! I can't wait until June for the next season of the show to find out more about Red Coat (Allison)! "Kisses ~ A" Love it!

Do you watch PLL?
If so, what did you think of the finale?

The Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament, or March Madness as most people refer to it, begins tomorrow. Normally I am super excited to research the teams and fill out my brackets before the games begin. This year? Not so much :( I don't like the breakdown of the brackets this year, there are a couple of schools I have never heard of, and I just have too much on my plate right now to get into it. I did complete at least 1 bracket to go up against my dad and my brother. I hope (and I am guessing) things will change by game time tomorrow. Once I see those live scores streaming across my computer or phone I am willing to bet I will be sucked right back in!

Do you participate in March Madness?
Who do you have in the championship game?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V

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