Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let's Get Physical

Doesn't that title make you immediately start singing the Olivia Newton-John song? I know I am :)

I figured if I wrote this post it would some how make me start working out again. Honestly, I LOVE to workout! The more intense it is, the more I sweat, the more I absolutely love it! It doesn't matter what type of exercise it is either...just as long as I feel exhausted afterwards.

The last few months I have been a complete slacker in the workout department. I was doing really well right up to the holidays and then BAM! I just stopped everything. I enjoy working out at night, but when X wasn't on a good sleeping schedule that went away. Now that he goes to bed at the same time every night (for the most part) I NEED to get back to my workouts. The other problem I face is the cold Ohio weather! It has been way too cold to go outside for a walk or run, and unfortunately my treadmill is buried in the basement right now. So that limits me to DVD's. But of course, both rooms that have DVD players in them border X's room. I know excuses, excuses!

Enough of the excuses! It is time to get this 34 year old body back in shape! And I am starting tonight, or maybe this weekend...DEFINITELY tonight! :)

So my plan is simple really....I am going to start back up slowing by doing Yoga and Pilate's while the weather is still too cold to get outside. Then once the temps start rising, X and I will be taking walks in our neighborhood or preferably on the bike trail after work. Then when the temps get too high to be outside, I should be able to access my treadmill at that time :) Fingers crossed I will get one of the DVD players moved to the basement and add some P90X or Insanity to the mix!

Typing this post has already got me excited about working out again!

Here are some of my favorite workout DVD's:

I know that last one is WAY old and probably only available on VHS tapes, but I still love it! I remember watching Richard Simmons with my mom when I was a kid and had so much fun dancing to those tapes.

What is your favorite way to workout?
What DVD's do you like to use?
Do you go to any classes (zumba, step, etc.)?

Until next time....

XoXo ~ V

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