Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekend Reads

In the past few weeks I have mentioned a few of the blogs I read and a couple of small businesses that I love. Today will be a combination of both of those.

I have wrote briefly about Kate and The Small Things Blog, but I don't feel I was able to detail all the great things Kate and her blog/site have to offer. In my opinion, she is a Jane of all trades :) She is a hair stylist/blogger/jewelry maker/all around great person! I feel like I have gotten to know her personally through her blog posts and videos. In a weird way she is like this great friend to me, but has no idea who I am. Lol! Kind of sound like a stalker now, but I swear I am not!

In my quest to find my personal style I came along some photos of hairstyles on Pinterest that happened to link back to Kate's blog. From there I found out these weren't just pictures, but actually hair tutorials performed by Kate herself, ON herself! What better way to learn how to try a new style, then to have someone give you step-by-step instructions as they demonstrate it?!

Her blog doesn't end there. She also offers tips/reviews/etc. on Style, Beauty, and even a Jewelry Shop that offers the items Kate and her sister Lauren (check out her blog: From My Grey Desk Blog) make for their Etsy Shop. Mixed into all those great topics are a few posts every now and then of Kate just being Kate :)

One more reason to check out Kate's blog (like you need anymore) is she is doing a blog series on blogging! If you ever thought about writing a blog, wondered where to start, etc. check out what she has to say here and here! Part 3 is coming soon and I can't wait!

I think I have given you more than enough reasons to check Kate and The Small Things Blog. It would be a great way to relax and enjoy your weekend in my opinion! Well, other than having a green beverage and celebrating St. Patrick's Day :)

Do you currently read Kate's blog? What other blogs would make good "Weekend Reads"?
Any fun weekend plans for St. Patrick's Day? What is your favorite green beverage?

Until next time....Have a great weekend & Happy St. Patrick's Day!

XoXo ~ V


  1. I love Kate, she has so many good hair tips! I've used quite a bit of them.

    1. Which tutorials have you tried?


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