Monday, March 18, 2013

Irish Blood

My Irish blood was passed down to me by my maternal grandma. Unfortunately, most of that side of my family only celebrates their Scottish roots. Because of that, I make sure to celebrate my Irish roots every year! And place an actual phone call to my grandma to wish her a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Being that my husband and X were still sick on Friday, the St. Patrick's Day weekend celebration was a little limited. However, it didn't stop me from dressing X in green all weekend and painting my nails the perfect shade of Emerald Green! This is what X wore to school on Friday:

 "This Is Why I'm Irish"
1.My Mommy made me that way.
2. You don't wanna see my temper!
3.Everyone loves me and they say everyone loves an Irish boy!
4. I look Totally Cute in green!
 Green nails, old looking hands :(

On Saturday we took a quick trip up north and couldn't head back home without making a stop at Malley's Chocolates. It was X's first time there :) Even though he can't really have any of the candy yet, it was still great to see him walk around the store. Especially since I used to work at a Malley's Chocolates many, many years ago :) We picked up a box of Himalayan Pink Salted Dark Chocolate Caramels, some gummy Twin Cherries, and a couple other delicious treats!

X walking around Malley's Chocolates in his blue & green plaid shirt.

Saturday night we also tried a new drink courtesy of Pinterest called the Dirty Girl Scout. Again, a bit strong for my taste since it was all alcohol in it. I ended up adding a little bit of milk to make it more like a White Russian. That did the trick! It was YUMMY!

Since Sunday was officially St. Patrick's Day I tried to add a bit more color to the day. For breakfast we had green Lucky Charms pancakes (find the recipe here), and green milk or coffee. X was throwing back the milk and pancakes like it was Kegs & Eggs! LOL!

 X throwing the green milk back like a pro!
 Green Milk for both of my guys
Green Lucky Charms pancakes

Lunch time was just some left over pizza I had made the night before with some Shamrock pepperonis I cut out for the topping :)

Since I am not a big corned beef fan, I made Shepherd's Pie for dinner served with green drinks of course!
 Green Pimms Cup & Green Cider Beer
 Shepherd's Pie=Delicious!!!
Mommy's Lucky Charm (with bedhead)

All in all it was another great weekend with my guys. Now if they both can just continue to feel better! Hopefully when Spring officially gets here in a couple days we will be completely done with the sick bug for good :)

What did you do this weekend? Did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? What nationality are you...Irish, Scottish, etc.?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V

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