Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekend Reads (& TV)

Stuck inside because Mother Nature still thinks it is Winter? 

Check out Audrey and her blog Putting Me Together! Audrey runs a close second, if not ties for first, with Kate and The Small Things Blog! She has completely changed my mind on how I shop for clothes. She offers tips on how to build a remixable wardrobe, starting your wardrobe from scratch, how to wear a piece many different ways, and much, much more! The best part is that Audrey usually shops at the stores I love (or at least can afford) like Target, Forever 21, and Kohl's! Meaning = When she features an outfit or a piece of clothing, it is actually attainable! That is a WIN in my book! Check out Audrey and her site today!

If reading isn't your thing, but it is still too cold to head outside...I suggest snuggling up on the couch and watching some NCAA basketball. As I mentioned the other day I just wasn't into filling out my bracket this year for March Madness. Skip ahead a day or two.....I can't stop checking out the scores and tuning into the games on TV! I had a feeling (more like knew) it would happen! Check out the games this weekend on your local CBS, tbs, TNT, and tru TV stations.

If it is nice enough to get outside this weekend....GET OUT THERE! I can't wait to do the same once it warms up :)

Until next week....Have a good weekend & GO Louisville, GO Michigan, Go Georgetown, GO Marquette, GO OSU!

XoXo ~ V

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