Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Recap/Style Me Pretty

Long weekends are great and crazy at the same time!

Our holiday weekend started on Thursday evening,
and actually just ended about 1pm today!

Here is our very LONG weekend of photos...

 X at the funeral home in Erie, Pennsylvania

 Playing with mommy's shades

 Ready for another week of swim lessons!

 Visiting with grandpa at Whispering Hills Campground

 Hugs :)

 Fingers as utensils...of course!

 Playing "catch" with Uncle Richie :)

 LOVE visits from my brother!

 "Do you need help daddy?"

 X LOVES to look at pictures/videos of himself! lol!

 Playing at the doctor's office

 Complementary cheerios at Mimi's Cafe = Happy kid!

How many can I put in my mouth at one time? Yum!

Style Me Pretty

My weekend casual look :)

Sorry for the delay and lack luster post today folks!
My work day didn't officially start until about 2pm, so I am rushing to get this post up
and get some work caught up :(

Better post tomorrow...I swear! :)

So what did you do this weekend?
Any new food or drinks I should try?
What have you been wearing lately?

Until next time....

XoXo ~ V


  1. I'm glad X's ears look fine!
    What else were you able to do in Erie?
    I love your outfit photo!

    floral & fudge

    1. Thanks Rachel!
      There was a really nice luncheon after the funeral, so we didn't do anything else :( We didn't get into town until after 10pm on Thursday evening, and had to leave to head back home as soon as things were over at 3pm :( We were all over that place! Brugger funeral home, a Roman Catholic church, Calvary cemetary, and then the Maennerchor Club (very nice) for the luncheon. I wish we could have had more time there. Thank you for all the recs though! I appreciate it! Funny thing...I worked at the Quaker S&L in Sheffield, Ohio when it first opened up so I know that place very well! lol!


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