Friday, May 17, 2013

High Five 4 Friday

Once again it is time for my weekly link up with
Lauren for H54F!

Had a crazy, fun, exhausting weekend in Cincinnati for Mother's Day

Watched the series finale of 90210 :)
Again, I know my age, but I don't care! I enjoy teen dramas!

Enjoyed this delicious chocolate cupcake for dessert Wednesday evening :)
Kroger Bakery is seriously wonderful!

I finally made myself start working out again...
Ok, Ok I did some crunches, leg lifts, and squats and then played with X.
It is better than nothing!!!

Mommy & X Thursday evening = Play time at the park!

Also, jumping back into

Day 17: A favorite photo of yourself and why

This photo is just so very me :)
It was a beautiful October day.
I had Lake Erie behind me.
Everything is black & white.
AND, I just married my best friend :)

Final link up is with Jenny @ The Jenny Evolution
for Friday Flash Blog
Friday Flash Blog on The Jenny Evolution

Until next time...Have a great weekend!

XoXo ~ V


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