Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Anything Goes Wednesday

It's the middle of the week again!
Now that I am writing this blog, I swear the week goes by so much faster than it used to :)


JT (Justin Timberlake to you non JT fans - which we can't be friends if you don't like JT)
announced more concert dates with 2 Ohio stops!
My issue is figuring out if I should go in November to Columbus, or in December to Cleveland :)
Oh yeah, my other dilemma....who wants to go with me?

I swear I give an X health update every week, but unfortunately another ear infection has brought my little guy down :(
According to the doc on Monday, this is his 6th infection since the Fall :(
I have been asking for months about getting tubes in his ears, and they finally gave me the rec I was looking for yesterday!
I just want my little guy to feel better!
I swear his walking, talking, overall development is suffering because of these darn ear infections!
For now he is on an antibiotic to help get rid of it, but I am hoping we hear from the doc soon on when our appointment will be with the specialist.
Keeping my fingers crossed once again he gets better quickly,
and tubes will be a good answer for him :)

Even when he is sick, he still wants to have fun! :)

I am usually not a nightly news girl, but if you live in the state of Ohio you have probably heard about the rescue of Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus on Monday (see more of the story here).
Both girls went missing about 9-10 years ago in the Cleveland area when they were only
16 & 14 years old!
While I am very glad they are alive and well (from what they can gather), the man who helped Amanda get out of the house she was being kept in is an interesting character to say the least!
Check out the video below...

WOW! You usually don't hear the live television like that!

This Sunday is Mother's Day!
We are celebrating by taking a little road trip down to Cincinnati with X :)
So looking forward to getting away from home for the day/night!
I am sure my post on Monday will be filled to the brim with weekend fun :)
We are hoping to at least hit up Jungle Jim's International Market,
and the Newport Aquarium just on the other side of the river in Kentucky.
I can't wait!
The only downside is that I won't be celebrating Mother's Day with my mom that day :(

What are your weekend or Mother's Day plans?
Any day or weekend trips planned soon?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V

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  1. JT is coming to Cleveland?! I think I might have to go to that. and Charles Ramsey is hilarious!! Cleveland at it's finest hahah

    1. Yes! It was announced he will be here December 12th! :) I thought about getting tickets for the Detroit show since he wasn't coming to glad I waited!

      Ramsey is hilarious, but a "hero" :) I am sure outsiders think Cleveland as a whole is a joke with some of the videos and such that are out there.


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