Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Show & Tell | 9/11

While it is crazy to think about, most of you were probably still in high school or middle school when September 11, 2001 occurred.
I remember the day very well.
The actual events that happened that morning...not as much.
Here's the deal.
I was 22 years old working as a receptionist at a Mercedes Benz dealership.
My of my childhood friends (and still one of my best friends) worked at the attached Infiniti dealership.
I was just arriving for work that day as the first plane crashed into the tower that morning.
I sat down at my desk like I did every morning and began my normal routine for the day.
At this time it wasn't breaking news what had happened.

Now here is why my memory of the actual events of that day aren't so clear.
Across from my desk was a TV that faced the opposite direction for the customers to view.
As the news broke of the first plane and then the second plane, more and more of my co-workers were gathering around the TV in front of me.
I still sat at my desk doing my work.

In case you didn't realize this, I am a HUGE rule follower.
I wasn't to be up from my desk watching TV.
I was to sit there and answer the phone, help people out, etc.
So I didn't get up from my desk.
Not until about 2pm did I glance at that TV!

See part of me not wanting to see the TV was because I am a rule follower.
The other part was that I was scared.
I didn't want to see the horrific images that were being broadcast on the TV.
And then they said that one of the planes was flying over the Cleveland airport area.
Minutes from where I worked.

I also worked with Mic at the time.
So after everyone that I worked with tried to coax me into looking at the TV, I finally gave into Mic later in the afternoon.
I could only look at it for a moment and then I wanted nothing to do with it.
I have never been able to view images or videos of what was happening that day.
I still can't.
I have seen bits and pieces of the footage from that horrible day, but never all of it.
And I most likely never will.
  My heart aches for all those people that lost their lives, and those that lost family members and friends on that day.
I can't even begin to imagine how they managed to get through the following days and years.

I have a friend that was due with her baby boy in early September 5 years after those horrible events.
She was having a scheduled delivered and picked September 11th for his arrival date.
A lot of people gave her grief for picking such a horrible date for her son to be born on.
She just turned to them and said that she wanted to have a good memory on that day, and by having her son on September 11th she always would.

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  1. Okay I seriously can't read any more of these, I'm just sitting at my desk chocking back the tears. I have a similar experience as you, I just didn't want to believe it, and just wanted to not watch the tv and not know, so I wasn't one of those people glued to the TV. I guess 22 does that to you? I didn't realize we were the same age either, random comment. Many thoughts and prayers to those families who lost loved ones. Did you read Erica's post? She went and her post gave me goose bumps.