Wednesday, September 2, 2015


On Friday I picked X up from school and we headed home for snacks and homemade pizza rolls!
1 week of school down,
Way too many too count to go!
 Have your kiddos been coming home asking for everything in the house to eat?
I swear the other day this kid ate triple his weight in food and still wanted more!

After seeing my beautiful friend Sarah rockin' this dress in a photo on Thursday, I decided to copy her throw it on for work on Friday too!
It is is the right amount of casual and pulled together that I need on a Friday :)
Of course I didn't take a pic of it until I got home on Friday - hence the barefeet.
Dress is from Old Navy in the Spring, but unfortunately not available anymore :(

We didn't have any plans on Friday night, and all three of us were pretty tired.
So we kept things simple and built our first fire at the new house :)
 And of course we toasted some marshmallows and made smore's!

The moon was HUGE that night!
I tried every single setting on my phone and my good camera and this was as good as I could get :(
 I think I need to add a new camera to my wish list!

I believe we started a bad, but yet oh so good tradition now that we moved.
We live minutes away from Apple Hill Orchard and their amazing apple donuts!
Saturday morning we got up, made a quick run to Starbucks, and then picked up some fresh made donuts for breakfast.

The rest of our day was filled with our normal Sunday errands and grocery shopping.
Because on Sunday we headed north!
It was draft day!
 We keep things old school and write down all our picks on the poster board up front.
We enjoy drinks, pizza, sliders, etc.
And lots of teasing goes on as well ;)
 I literally picked up these magazines on Saturday afternoon and didn't open them until the start of the draft on Sunday.
Oh Lord, help our team this year!

We got back late Sunday and immediately fell into bed.
Monday was back to our normal routine of work and school.

You know how just when you think you have things figured out, life throws you a curve ball?
Well, on my way to pick up X from school on Monday evening I swung through BK for a frozen Coke.
It was close to 90 yesterday!
 Right after I took the above pic in the drive-thru I picked up X and we headed home.
Only here is where things go downhill.
We couldn't get in the house.
My garage door opener wasn't working :(
And every last one of those doors to the house is locked.
I thankfully had a key on me to get in the front door, but it was a little tricky because we have a million boxes hogging up the foyer that need unpacked.
After finally weaving our way into the house, X and I realized we had no power.
That's right.
Almost 90*, humid, and no power!
Thankfully X and I were able to hangout at my in-laws house in the cool air conditioning while we waited for power to be restored...not until 8pm.
One of these days we will get settled into our routine again and things will go smoothly :)

And because I can't leave you on a slightly sour note, here are a couple of things X did at school last week.
They are focusing on "My Wonderful World" this month.
Friends, family, sharing, etc.
 X had so much fun painting with sponges with his new friend David.

And X's smiley face is the orange one, but look at what the green one says.
It just melts my heart that someone in his class included X in his smile statement :)

We have received so many little things that X has done at school and he has only been there a week!
I have a feeling it is going to be a great year for him!


  1. X is looking so grown up! Also that striped dress looks awesome on you

  2. YES with the eating! I SWEAR Drew has become an eating monster. We feed him SO much food lately! :)

  3. I know I have told you this before...but I have that Old Navy dress...and I LOVE it. Especially now that this bump of mine has popped out- it still fits and is still super comfy!

    Apple donuts sound glorious. I've been on a huge apple fritter kick...mmmmm.

  4. X is just too cute! I swear we have that same eating thing going on over here. And if I do recall I bought the dress before I even finished reading your post when you bought it :) hehe, but glad I could provide some inspiration. :)

  5. The first thought that popped into my mind when you had a fire was "s'mores". Pretty sure your'e the only person I know who enjoys them as much as I do!

  6. I love that striped dress and have the exact one! Can't wait to pair it with the denim vest like Sarah did!! Adorable! XO