Monday, September 14, 2015

The Weekend

This weekend was pretty low key.
We grabbed dinner out with some friends and I felt the need to order an adult beverage :)
This was just two of the three glasses our server brought to me.
She made too much and instead of it going to waste, she brought it all to me!
No, I didn't drink all three!
But I may have tried :)

These pics are blurry, but X made a little friend while out to dinner and they were dancing and showing off their Ninja skills.

Thankfully both tables were in the back and away from everyone else so they were able to just have fun.

Saturday was a pretty lazy day for the most part.
X and I made a quick run to Target before heading back home for lunch and naps.
Yes, I said napS ;)

When we woke up, we found out that Grammy & P were home from vacation.
This kid was super excited to go over their house for dinner and see them :)

Sunday was game day!
We were all super excited to watch our Cleveland Browns!

Jerseys were on, silly selfies were taken,
wings and pizza were consumed,
and our orange and brown drinks were drank in our Cleveland Browns glasses!
All things were set for a great game day.
Well, except for the Browns :(
About as much as I want to say on the subject is that we lost :(

The rest of the evening progressively got worse.
X took a late and long nap due to the timing of the game being on.
Which then meant he didn't fall sleep until about 10:30pm.
At about 1am I awoke to his feet kicking me in the eyes and nose.
As I tried to get up, I find that the blow up mattress we are sleeping on is no longer blown up.
So I did what any tired, and sore person would do.
I moved X off of the mattress and pumped it back up.
Again, this is all at about 1am.
From then on I couldn't sleep well, and came to find out that the mattress was not going to hold much air.
X managed to go back to sleep fine.


Please pray that our house sells soon and we can go back to sleeping on our regular beds.
Not sure how much more my body or sanity can take!

Regardless of how tired I am, the show must go on!
Happy Monday Friends!
Hope you all have an amazing week!
On the bright side of things, I have another 4 day work week :)


  1. That Browns game....*sigh*. On a positive note, those wings looks amazing!

  2. I'll say this- I like the Browns new uniforms! ;) Definitely crossing all fingers and toes that your house sells soon, no more air mattress nightmares, please! :)

  3. oooh air mattresses are no fun when more than one person has so sleep on them… and pizza and wings-- yes please!!