Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall Hair Challenge

This challenge was so much harder than I thought it would be.
Mainly, because I am terrible at doing my own hair.
I had high hopes of trying different braids and such, but my fingers and hands failed me.
After seeing the styles Sarah came up with...holy moly do I need to learn those skills!
And I am now on a mission to grow my hair really long! lol!
Oh, and I need a better camera and place to take pics!
iPhone over the shoulder just doesn't do it. Oh well!

Anyway, the main challenge for me was to actually DO my hair.
No just throwing it up in a makeshift bun every day!

Days 1 & 2
Since my hair holds curl and such better on days 2 & 3, I grabbed my 1 inch curling iron for some waves. Day 2 was a just a slightly curlier version of above.

 Day 3
 I finally branched out (some what) of my comfort zone and tried a different bun style.
This unfortunately didn't last long.
I separated my hair into three low ponytails and then twisted them together.
Handful of bobby pins later and this was the result.
I love the back, but the front made me look like I was Amish.
Oh, and it all came falling down before I even got out of the driveway for work :(

 Day 4

 This was a lazy night at home, but I was determined not to do the norm.
So I added a braid as best as I could and then weaved it into my ponytail.
I actually liked this quite a bit :)

Day 5
 I went old school here. And super simple.
Low pony with flipped through ends.
And done.

Day 6
Funny thing about this one.
Right after taking this photo, I took it all out and braided the other side.
Weaved it into my bun and headed out to dinner with friends.
It looked so much better on the other side, yet I forgot to take a picture :(
This was by far my favorite of the week.
The braid added just a bit of something to my normal bun, and made me feel a little more pulled together.

Now I need to really work on my styling skills!
How the heck do you braid your own hair?
Any thin hair girls out there?
Any tips on how to keep your style going more than an hour at most?

I can't wait to see what you all came up with!
And don't forget to use #HairChallenge2015 in your social media posts!

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  1. I'm with you at the horrible at doing my hair bit. But those braided looks look awesome on you, love it!

  2. Love the braided one in the end, we both pretty much ended the challenge the same way, haha! Side braid, bun...:) Yay for the challenge. Now I just need to get quicker, so it's not taking me forever to get it done! What we ladies don't go thorugh to be pretty. And those curls on you?? Fantastic!

  3. What creativity…. love it!!! THe across the head braid-- so beautiful!

  4. I definitely should have participated in this challenge- I get so lazy during the week and almost always have my hair up in a lazy bun/low pony haha. You've inspired me to work a little harder on mine ;)

  5. I love any braid because I am completely braid challenged! Such a fun link up.

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  6. I love your hair!! I wish I would have seen this challenge, would have definitely made me work on my hair more often. I usually do the traditional side braid all day everyday. I love style four and style six the most. you have gorgeous hair too.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  7. 1st is of course my favorite! How did I NOT know about this little challenge!