Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sad & Sunburnt + A Giveaway

Thursday was Auction Day at our house.
Well, for my in-laws anyway.
The workers lined things up, moved boxes around, etc. for hours.
I have never been to an auction of any kind so I was interested to see how things go down.

I watched for just a little bit as the auctioneer walked by each box and the crowd followed.
If one box didn't sell, he would just push them together until they did.
I can't lie, I was happy when it was all over and all the cars were out of our yard.

On Friday we got home from work and school and the weather was so nice.
X wanted to hang out by the creek for a bit and throw rocks :)

After errands and such Saturday morning, we headed north to meet my family for dinner.
Once dinner was over, we headed to my dad's house.
X has been talking about racing cars with my dad for over a month!
He was so excited to do it!

Sunday was game day!

Of course practice tackling and cheering went on before leaving for the game :)

We actually took the Jet Express from Lorain this time around and it was such a nice boat ride!

I forgot to transfer the pics Mic took while on the boat :(
This is where we arrived in Cleveland.
Right outside of the stadium, the Rock Hall, and Science Center.

We grabbed some delicious food at B Spot in the stadium.
And of course we had to get our annual souvenir cup!

After a great game last week the crowd was pumped to see the Browns go to work against the Raiders!

Unfortunately, that didn't happen :(
UGH! Another rough game to watch.
They gave us some hope in the 4th quarter finally, but unfortunately it wasn't enough.
They lost 27-20.
We headed back home burnt and sad :(

There is always next week #saidbyeverybrownsfaninhistory

On to more fun things!
Time for another Disney favorite DVD giveaway!
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  1. You had a busy weekend, girl! We've never been to a professional football game, but we've been dying too!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. I didnt know you could have an auction in your front yard! Thats pretty impressive. I hope they made out good. Our team didnt win either, sad face.

  3. If you ever come across any old patchwork quilts, text me some pics! I'm always on the lookout for those for the biz! :)

  4. What a great weekend, and I want to come visit you and have my kids play with X in the creek too :) And an auction in your front yard, crazy, how many cars were there! did he talk really fast?

  5. that auction is so cool...is that all your property? I am jealous...I want land so bad!!!!