Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tailgate Snacks

Sundays in my house typically revolve around one thing - FOOTBALL!
Watching the game from home gives me access to anything and everything I want to eat or drink.
Which can be good and bad. lol!
But when I am heading to the game - like this Sunday against the Raiders - I need to plan for it.
Plus, I try to keep things a little bit healthier since I may or may not be enjoying an adult beverage or two and having some sort of dessert ;)

So today I thought I would share some of my favorite healthy tailgate snacks.
And I would love for you to share any you may have in the comments below :)

I am a huge fan of hummus.
The flavor possibilities are endless!
Chop up some veggies, grab a bag of pretzels and you easily have a snack that will please the masses.

I also like to throw together a veggie pizza during the warmer games.
Lighter finger foods always go over well in September and early October.

Another Sunday staple is Skinny taco dip.
That dish is practically licked clean on game days!

Or if you are craving something sweeter but still on the healthy side, fruit pizza or nutella fruit dip with strawberries are a good choices too.

But when I want something filling, super easy, and tastes good I turn to nuts.
Who doesn't love to dive into a bag of peanuts while sitting at a sporting event?
If you don't, we might not be able to be friends.
Just kidding :)

Want a healthy crowd pleaser? (Is that a real word?)
Grab a big bowl, toss in your favorite nuts, pretzels, maybe some popcorn, and some sort of chocolate (like m&m's) and you have a fan favorite!
Not into sharing, scoop up that mix or just toss your favorite nuts into a Ziploc bag and you have a grab and go snack.
The best part is that you can easily bring those bags into the stadium for during the game.
I am all about not spending every last dime I have while cheering on my team, so I make sure I stock up on snacks to sneak toss into my purse ;)

 Make sure to check out for even more healthy snack options and tips.

Now I am hungry!
And ready to cheer on my team to victory!

What are some of your favorite healthy game day snacks?

And last, but certainly not least....
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  1. I am loving that nutella one! I'm all about chocolate!

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  2. I LOVE hummus! I got my FIL addicted to it so now its always available during games lol.

  3. Everything pretzel crisps w/ hummus is my all-time favorite snack! :) Good ideas for lighter food options too!