Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites | Fashion, Football & Funny

Oh, short work weeks do I adore you!
And guess what?
I get another one next week!
More about that later.
Today it is time to link up with some of my favorite Friday hosts.

Now let's dive into some of my favorites for the week!

Sheaffer mentioned these earrings were on sale (50% off, making them $3.98!) last week I believe, so I decided to give them a try.
Online they look huge so I was a little skeptical.
They arrived this week so I was eager to get them out of the box and see them in person.

My earlobes are rather small and can't hold most earrings unless they are small studs.
Surprisingly these are pretty lightweight, and not too big.
Now I think I need to head back online to pick up some more!
Only the mint and coral ones are marked down right now, but the rest are only $8 a pair.

Another item that those fashionable ladies down in McKinney, Texas brought to my attention awhile back were TOMS.
I picked up a pair for X a year ago, but haven't tried them myself until now.
Zulily has some on sale right now that I just couldn't resist!
Those desert wedges that everyone loves so much have been ordered :)
At a discounted price too!
I have a feeling those bad boys will be making an appearance in our Fall pictures this year.

If you know me, you know I LOVE football!
Especially the NFL!
This is opening weekend my friends!
You will find me glued to my all ALL day Sunday!
Eek! I can't wait!
Even better?
The Steelers lost last night! YEH!

Mic and I have discovered a true guilty pleasure show over the last week.
We are obsessed!
Wednesday night we marathon watched the first 6 episodes of Season 1.
And to add to the crazy, we didn't start that marathon until 11pm!
It doesn't matter, because we can't get enough!
The new season is starting soon, so I am on a mission to watch the rest of the episodes before it begins.
Does anyone else watch this show?
I seriously laugh the entire time!

I couldn't have a Friday Favorites post without including X!
This guy has is still trying to get over a cold, but is still rockin' at school.
He has grown and changed so much in the few short weeks that he has been in preschool.
I can't wait to watch him grow and learn over this next year.

Happy Friday Friends!
Hope you all enjoy the weekend!

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  1. I saw your Toms picture on the linkup and HAD to come comment --- I just ordered the same wedges yesterday and CANNOT wait to get them!!

  2. I have those earrings and LOVE them! (I may own 4 different colors. ;-) ) And how cute is your boy?! Happy FOOTBALL weekend! We are all excited up here! XO

  3. I am loving those earrings---I picked up 8 pairs several months ago and they are in constant rotation in my lobes. I love them! And those wedges girl---those are da (did I say that?!?) Yes I did, but I do love them and think I need them in my life. I loved X's dance party video on IG this week---so presh! Have a great weekend!

  4. I LOVE those wedges, and those earrings are definitely a fave of mine, too!

  5. My TOMS wedges are my FAVORITE purchase from last year! I was bummed that a lot of sizes were already sold out.

  6. Just ordered those exactly same boots!

  7. love those earrings AND the toms!
    That Barbie movie totally reminds me of Jem and the Holligrams!!! I'm so old

  8. You will LOVE the TOMS wedges! I have the leopard print and wear them all the time in the fall. Can't wait to pull them out again in the next week or too -- it's finally cool enough in PA to put them into rotation again. Yay! Now excuse me while I go check out those earrings. :)