Monday, September 28, 2015

Favorite Things | Scarves

This is always one of my favorite things to talk or write about...

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And yes, today is all about scarves!
As the temps cool down here in Ohio I find myself overly excited to start wearing scarves again.
I have always worn scarves over the years, but didn't truly start my collection until about 3 years ago.
Most the time I would throw on a scarf just because it was cold outside, but then quickly remove it once I reached my destination.
Not that way anymore!
I wear them year round, but especially in the Fall and Winter.
I am not a big jewelry person, so scarves are my go-to accessory for kicking my outfit up a notch.
The orange/multi scarf and the music note scarf were finds while on vacation a couple years ago in Tennessee.
I was gifted the orange Browns one, received the gray & black in a scarf exchange, and picked up the "must have" fringe scarf (similar)from Nordstrom a couple years ago.
Plaid scarves (sold out) from Target, received the gray, multi color, and navy scarves as gifts, lobster scarf (sold out) from Hippie Chick, and the buffalo plaid (sold out,similar) from the Gap.

Leopard print (sold out) -Nordstrom, Coral and floral prints from Target, Mint fringe from scarf exchange, clover scarf from Sears, and gold scarf from Kohl's.

While I love all scarf styles and fabrics, my favorites are the thick and warm ones :)

Of course while I was getting this post together I started looking online for new scarves.

Here are some new prints I found that I think would make great additions to my closet.

I actually picked this one up during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year.
It is ready and waiting for cooler temps to be worked into rotation.
I am a sucker for all things plaid, especially red plaid!
This one is different enough from my current one that I think it could be added in quite nicely.
And it is only $20!
This lightweight sweater infinity scarf is the perfect shade for Fall!
The cream is catching my eye as well.
Another plaid?
Yes, but not just one plaid! Two amazing plaids in one!
Eek! This one may be on its way to me already ;)
It is only $10 (at the time of writing this post)!

What style scarves do you wear most/are your favorite?
Are there any new ones making their way into your shopping cart?


  1. I love a nice, big scarf! Literally DYING over the lobster one, it's perfect!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. LOVE me some scarves!! Still love your lobster one too!

  3. I LOVE the plaid ones!!! Im leaving you the link to the Scarf Exchange, hope youll join us :)

  4. You seriously have some of the BEST scarves ever!! I only have a handful, but I need to remember to wear them more often. I think I definitely want to add a fringe-y one this year!

  5. I love all of your scarves, and yes to dressing up an outfit by just adding a scarf!

  6. scarves are the best!!! easiest accessory ever!!!!!