Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesday | September

September 30th you arrived way too fast for me!
But you are here, so that means it is is time for...
Linking up with Mel, Shay & Sheaffer.

What we're eating this week...
Meatloaf, Caesar salads, and chicken noodle soup!
I found some super yummy, yet clean eating recipes on Pinterest and in the Fixate cookbook!

What I'm reminiscing about...
That 9 years ago I was just a week away from marrying that crazy, lovable guy of mine :)

What I'm loving...
Listening to X share the new things he has learned at school.
The little prayer they say before snack and lunch time, and a couple of the songs he sings that he learned in music class are so adorable and wonderful to hear!

What we've been up to...
Everything and nothing. lol!
Mainly work, but have taken some time for a bit of fun too :)

What I'm dreading...
Trying to stay warm this winter!
The new to us (but very old house) that we have moved to is primarily heated by a wood stove.
I have been freezing in the mornings when the temps are low and it is only September!
I can't imagine how cold it will be December - March! :/

What I'm working on...
Getting back to a healthy routine.
Working out and eating smaller portions.

What I'm excited about...
To help out with X's first official school field trip next week!
We are heading to Wayne's Country Market for hay rides, cider sipping, apple picking and more!

What I'm watching/reading...
Hello Fall TV!
This past week and a half a lot of my favorite shows returned with new episodes as well as some newbies.
I still have quite a few on my DVR from last week, but I am hoping to stay awake after X goes to sleep to catch up. #wishfulthinking
I am super excited for The Blacklist to return this week!

What I'm listening to...
Lately I love when Locked Away comes across my radio :)

What I'm wearing...
It is officially Fall and the temps are finally starting to drop in Ohio.
That means I am pulling out my boots, jackets, and scarves to add to my normal work attire.
And on weekends you will most likely find me in a comfy flannel or sweater with some jeans.
Well, unless it is Sunday. I rock my jersey on Sundays :)

What I'm doing this weekend...
We are heading to a friend's hometown for their annual Oktoberfest.
We have never been to one before, so Mic and I are overly excited.
I am especially excited for the food! lol!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
October is busy!
Besides Oktoberfest, we will be celebrating our 9th Wedding anniversary, attending another Browns game, (fingers crossed) hosting an open house for potential home buyers, having our family photos taken, and celebrating Halloween with Trick-or-Treat!

What else is new...
Just busy planning our outfits for our family photos!
I love the colors in this photo below.

Bonus Question
What's your favorite Halloween tradition?
Hands down it has to be costumes!
I used to love dressing up for Halloween or anytime really as a kid.
I can't tell you how many times I dressed up as Jem, Kimber, or just a punk rock girl in general.
I need to start planning an annual Halloween bash so I can dress up too!
For now, it is just X.
At only 3 he is requesting a certain costume this year!
He wants to be a brown dinosaur like his stuffed T-Rex :)
That most definitely can be done!
Ordered the costume on Monday from and received 20% off my order!
X's first Halloween 2012 :)
He was just shy of being 11 months old!
He sat on the front porch with me while I handed out candy.
In 2013 he dressed up as Perry from Phineas & Ferb and headed to the Columbus Zoo!
We skipped actual trick-or-treating this year since he didn't eat any candy yet.
And 2014 my little ninja turtle was all about going door to door and saying those sweet little words!
Thankfully, he still wasn't terribly interested in the candy as this point yet.
This year I am sure that kid will be begging for some of that candy! lol!

And that is it for the month of September!
I just love the month of October and know that we will have a great month :)


  1. I love your red hunters! And wow- a wood stove! That is so neat. I would want to roast marshmallows...

  2. X in all of his Halloween costumes, so cute. I think this might be the last year of us dressing in family's going to be harder to get Mini and Baby Fox on the same wagon. WE might have to divide and conquer next year. I'm trying to pull together outfits for us too, it's hard man! Every year I do this, I buy way too many things to find out NOTHING works and end up using something from their closets anyway, haha.

  3. Ok...I am dreading the cold weather for you!! I do not function well with the cold!! I need to get my butt back in gear eating healthier but there have just been too many fun things to do (and I'm full of excuses). Loving those colors for family pictures!!

  4. I love caeser salad, yum! Bring on the scarves, Im so ready to layer. And it is adorable X wants to match his T- Rex stuffy :)

  5. I LOVE your fall outfit, I still feel like I need red Hunters, Brent does NOT agree (he thinks I'm fine with just my one lonely black pair).
    Love the Halloween pics
    Also, I NEED that cookbook!

  6. I am SO excited you are starting the Fix!! YAY!! Can't wait to hear about it! I am order that cookbook ASAP--do you have any faves I should try right away? :) XO