Thursday, September 17, 2015

It's Premiere Time!

First, I want to say thank you to all of you who gave me some feedback last week :)
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Because some of the Fall premieres are happening next week I thought I would give you the rundown.
I should not be proud of what I am about to say, but I don't care.
I love watching TV.
In the Fall especially, I watch A LOT of TV!
Since X was born I have cut back quite a bit.
Mainly because Disney consumes our lives these days.
And because I can't seem to stay awake after X finally falls asleep.
Either way, it is less than in the past.
I can honestly say that a few years ago, my DVR was on fire with how many shows I was recording.
Some days there would be two shows recording at the same time from 8-11pm!
But again, I don't care.
TV relaxes me.
I am able to escape the stress of the day with my shows.

Blah, blah, blah Vanessa.
Let's get to the actual shows!
All shows listed are Eastern Standard Time.
Blood & Oil - Sunday, September 27th @ 9pm
I can't wait to watch Chace Crawford again! Loved him on Gossip Girl!
Castle - Monday, September 21st @ 10pm
Grey's Anatomy - Thursday, September 24th @ 8pm
Modern Family - Wednesday, September 23rd @ 9pm
The Muppets - Tuesday, September 22nd @ 8pm
I am beyond excited to share one of my favorite shows from when I was a kid with X!
Nashville - Wednesday, September 23rd @ 10pm
Who doesn't love this show! One of my favorites on TV these days!

Click here to see all of the shows on ABC.

The Big Bang Theory - Monday, September 21st @ 8pm
Blue Bloods - Friday, September 25th @ 10pm
Code Black - Wednesday, September 30th @ 10pm
Criminal Minds - Wednesday, September 30th @ 9pm
Hawaii Five-0 - Friday, September 25th @ 9pm

Click here to see all the shows on CBS.

Supernatural - Wednesday, October 7th
The Vampire Diaries - Thursday, October 8th

Click here to see all the shows on The CW.

Bones - Thursday, October 1st @ 8pm
Empire - Wednesday, September 23rd @ 9pm
Gotham - Monday, September 21st @ 8pm
Minority Report - Monday, September 21st @ 9pm
Scream Queens - Tuesday, September 22nd @ 8pm
I get the feeling this show might scare me (I am pathetic, I know), but I feel the need to give it a shot.

Click here to see all the shows on FOX.

Heroes Reborn - Thursday, September 24th @ 8pm
I absolutely loved Heroes! Super excited for this new series!
The Blacklist - Thursday, September 24th @ 9pm
Red! I mean, I did invite him to my dinner party the other day! This show is high on my list of favorites!
Chicago Fire - Tuesday, October 13th @ 10pm
Chicago P.D. - Wednesday, September 30th @ 10pm
Law & Order: SVU - Wednesday, September 23rd @ 9pm

Click here for all the shows on NBC.

What other shows/networks do you watch?

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  1. I completely forgot about the Muppets starting next week. Scandal is my only Fall staple but the Muppets will definitely be added to my list now.

  2. So fun!! I'm always excited for the start of new seasons! We got rid of cable (tears!) so I've been watching a lot more ABC/NBC shows lately!


  4. Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder are 2 I am excited are back!!! Once Upon a Time and of course you know I am beyond excited for Mr. Wahlberg to start gracing my TV again!!!

  5. I literally just wrote out all the shows I needed to DVR, since I lost all of my previous recordings, I have to start over. Boo, I can't wait for next week, Grey's...yay! I ditto Cari and Once Upon a Time. Vampire Diaries, I wonder where it's going to go this year, I seriously can't remember anything from last year!

  6. Shondaland all the way!!! And Nashville and Good Wife… can't wait!!

  7. My husband and I are excited for Heroes Reborn! But Im sure we will be those people having to watch it OnDemand a few days later lol

  8. I'm so excited for my shows!! I love Gotham, Law and Order, Criminal Minds and Greys (I'm curious how this season will go)!!
    You NEED to watch The Goldbergs, so funny!


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