Thursday, September 10, 2015

I wanna know!

So you all know I keep things super fancy around these parts right?
I couldn't even type that last line without laughing!
I am so NOT fancy!
Nor do I really have a clue when it comes to blogging.
I truly appreciate all of you for reading and coming back each day :)

Yes, this blog started as an outlet for me and a way to find myself.
But now, 2 1/2 years later I think I have a little bit better understanding of me.

However, I still want to know what keeps you wonderful peeps coming back to join my crazy train!

So here is my super duper, totally not fancy survey for you.
Literally, I am just going to ask a question or two of you and hope that you comment below :)
See how good I am at blogging? lol!

I appreciate any and all feedback you may give. Good and bad :/

Question #1
What are your favorite type of posts?
a. Recipes/Healthy Living
b. Mommy Style - clothing, hair, makeup
c. DVD Giveaways
d. Every day life
e. Other - please specify

Question #2
Should we keep the #ThinkingOutLoudThursdays link up going?
a. Weekly
b. Twice a month
c. Monthly
d. End it 

Question #3
Why did you start reading X-tremely V?
Explain below

That is all!
Super simple!
Again, I appreciate all your help and feedback so I can keep being me, but also brings you things you enjoy reading :)

Now it is your turn to link up your Thursday post below.
And don't forget to link back to X-tremely V and Penny's Passion :)


  1. a, b, d
    accidentally found you :) but have since loved reading your blog!

  2. You crack me up! i love your link-up I'm new at blogging so I try and link up with you a couple of times a month.
    1. D or A
    2. A
    3. I found you on IG with one of the photo challenges.
    I don't visit daily but I try to a few times a week.

  3. 1. A, B, D
    2. A
    3. Found you through other link ups :)

    Love your blog! :)

  4. 1. A & D
    2. A
    3. Gosh, do I even remember? I think I found you through another blog, although I can't remember who it was.

    Love this post BTW---I'm feeling a revamp coming my way on my blog :)

  5. e- all of the above! :)
    I think through Erin?

  6. Anything you want to blog about, Ill read :) I think you should blog about things that interest you that way you enjoy writing posts. I actually found you through IG during a Momfessionals photo challenge and have been hooked since lol.

  7. 1 - abd
    2 - a...if you are looking to garner more participation you might try figuring out how to email a reminder each week {I would tell you but I haven't figured that out} :)
    3 - not sure how I found your blog I know it was through a link up but as most of the regulars I follow I just felt some sort of connection...I feel like you are authentic in your posts and you have a cute family!

  8. So fun!
    A and D for me!
    I like this think up a lot and post to it when I can. So when ever you guys wanna do it,would be great for me!!
    I wanna say I found you reading Erika 's blog!! Or maybe PTMT?? Not sure!!
    I feel like if I knew you IRL we'd be friends... :)

  9. 1. b and d
    2. a - I'm much more likely to remember a weekly link-up versus another other type (but that's just me!)
    3. Honestly - the title of your blog drew me in but the adorable pics keep me coming back! :)

  10. Question #1
    What are your favorite type of posts?

    Question #2
    Should we keep the #ThinkingOutLoudThursdays link up going?
    I say you do it however often you want to! A couple years ago I shifted away from these types of posts and have gradually gone back to just blogging for me as a journal. Heck, I only read and comment on a handful of friends blogs anymore. There's just NO time! :)

    Question #3
    Why did you start reading X-tremely V?
    I have no clue how I found you, but I'm glad I did! We are so similar and I think if we lived close we'd be besters! :)