Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites | Fair Time

Hooray for Friday!
I am currently on my way to the Washington D.C. area (if you are reading this Friday morning) to see my cousin get married.
I am excited to see him get married.
I am excited to go and just have fun as a guest.
I am excited to a have a couple nights away just Mic and I.
But most importantly, I am excited to get to sleep on a REAL bed for two whole nights!

While I am sure I will have lots of pictures to post in my recap on Monday,
today is about looking back on my favorites from this past week.

Monday evening I quickly ran into a few stores to look for a dress for my cousin's wedding this weekend.
I snapped a couple of pics while in the dressing room and then sent them to Mic and X to make the decision for me.
They picked #2.

I picked their choice up and headed to Burlington.
Again, I stuck gold there!
I picked up a dress and sandals for $21 including tax!
That store is definitely a favorite for cheap finds!
Picks of the new dress and shoes to come this weekend on Instagram and next week on the blog :)

On Tuesday I joined Andrea for another round of Show & Tell.
This time it was all about who we would invite to dinner.
^This guy^ is one of my many favorites that made the list :)
Click here to see the rest of my guest list.

Tuesday evening I enjoyed seeing my favorite stylist and friend for a much needed cut and color.
She took me from my Summer ombre' look, 
to my Fall dark look.
 I love the color and the hint of highlights throughout :)

I absolutely love Fall festivals!
On Wednesday evening we met some friends at the Bellville Street Fair.
X had been talking about seeing the animals and tractors since the night before!

 Of course when we got anywhere near those big guys, he wanted nothing to do with them.
Maybe he is like me after all :)

 I told these guys to smile for a picture and this is what I got.
Then I said "open your eyes" and I got this one! lol!

 Thankfully we made it out of the animal section with no issues.
This girl  was the genius who wore flip flops to a fair with animals.

 After checking out the tractors and chit chatting with some friends we made our way to the food.
Fair Fries = MY FAVORITE!

The other options didn't do much for us, so the 6 of us left and headed to Cracker Barrel for a late dinner.
Of course I had my favorite chicken and dumplings and all was right with the world :)

And that has been my week!
What did you do this week?
What were your favorite moments?

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Happy Friday!
Enjoy your weekend and GO BROWNS!!!

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  1. I was going to say #2!
    LOVE your hair with curls, so pretty!
    I'm not craving fries... bah