Monday, September 21, 2015

A Foodie Wedding

Friday morning Mic and I dropped X off at school, and then hit the road for the DC area for my cousin's wedding.

When Mic mentioned that we would be near a Primanti Bros. around lunch time I jumped all over it!
This place is about the only thing I like about the state of Pennsylvania. #sorrynotsorry


Once my sandwich arrived all you heard was cheers from me :)
Layers of french fries, cole slaw, melted cheese, and roast beef.
This sandwich is a little piece of heaven in my eyes.
Mic had the Brothers Burger.
You name it, it was on there!
It was huge!

After stuffing our faces, we walked around the outlet stores across the street for a bit before hitting the road again.
It wasn't long before I need a caffeine fix.
New Fall Favorite - Salted Caramel Mocha!

We made it to our hotel, dropped off our things and headed out to dinner.
We found a little Italian restaurant nearby that was yummy!
We hobbled back to our hotel stuffed.

On Saturday morning we headed out to our hotel for Saturday night near the wedding venue.
We stopped at one of our favorites for brunch and it was excellent as always!
The mimosa was pretty good too ;)

Then it was back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding day festivities.
The wedding took place at a beautiful bed & breakfast in Hamilton, Virginia called
Zion Springs.

The bride and groom had arranged for shuttles to bring everyone to and from the wedding venue that day.

Just Married :)

They offered a wonderful array of cocktails, beer, and wine.
But my favorite thing was the specialty drinks.
They had Sangria and Watermelon Margarita's in those mason jars!

Everything was very casual and laid back.
Just like Eddie and Lisa :)

So my cousin Eddie used to be a chef.
He has been on The Food Network before, and has worked with many other great chefs.
The food at the reception did not disappoint!
In fact, it was even better than I imagined it would be!
Some of his chef friends came in to cook for all of us.
Fresh roasted veggies, fish, beef, chicken, etc.
My hands down favorite was the Paella - that rice and veggie dish below.
The pan the chef made it in was gigantic!
And even better, when the first pan was gone...he made another!
You better believe I went back for seconds! lol!
This beautiful cake was made by another one of their friends.
It was carrot cake!
 We had a great time getting to celebrate Eddie & Lisa :)

Before heading back for some sleep, I snagged a picture with my grandma and little cousin.
I am her oldest grandchild at 36 and he is the youngest at 10.
Oh, and doesn't see look amazing for a woman in her 80's?

Sunday we woke up, grabbed a quick breakfast, and then hit the road.
Almost 7 hours later we arrived home to our crazy little guy :)
And while I didn't get to take any pictures throughout the day,
I did get to listen the Cleveland Browns win their home opener against the Titans!
It definitely made the drive home pretty good :)

And that was our weekend!
Have you ever had Paella?
Have you ever made it?
I need to find a recipe for it ASAP! SO GOOD!

Happy Monday Friends!


  1. That dress looks adorable on you! And oh my gosh...all the food!!

  2. What a gorgeous wedding! Love the location and all that FOOD, yum!!! :) I'll also have to remember the PA restaurant you stopped in next time I'm driving out to my sisters- never heard of it before!

  3. Yummmm! I really liked Primanti Bro's when we went to Pittsburgh! :) looks like a blast and such a cute wedding!!!

  4. Food is awesome. I love how they used the window panes as decorations at the altar, so pretty!

  5. I should know better than to read your posts when I'm hungry! lol

  6. I need to come eat with you someday. My goodness does that all look good.