Monday, August 31, 2015

Favorite Things | Summer

We haven't had much of a summer here in Ohio.
The weather for most of the summer was was rainy and humid.
The weather has been a bit nicer in August, but with all the moving going on we haven't been able to truly enjoy it.
Hence, why I am looking forward to Fall!

Either way, today is about my favorite summer moment.
Mine happened way back in June.
We took our family vacation to Tybee Island, Georgia.
Just the three of us :)
This was the first vacation for the three of us without any family or friends coming along.
This was huge!
This also meant Mic and I had to entertain X for the entire trip.
Just us.
Easier said than done my friends.

Either way, it was a great time visiting one of mine and Mic's favorite places :)
Here is a look back on some of my favorite moments during our 2015 vacation.
And yes, most of my favorite moments revolve around this kid :)

You can read all about our trip and the places we ate at or visited here and here.



  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! What a bummer about your lousy summer weather. I hope fall is gorgeous in your neck of the woods!

  2. Boo to bad weather, but yay for a great trip.