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Show & Tell | Who were you in high school?

So I can't lie, I have been looking forward to this topic as soon as I saw the list.
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I loved high school!
Like big hearts dotting my i's, all the emojis with heart eyes, LOVED high school!

So why did I love high school so much?
While it wasn't like things are in the movies, it was still great to me.
I was in high school in the 90's.
From the Fall of 1993 to the Spring of 1997 I called BHS home.

In the Spring of my 8th grade year tryouts were held for high school cheerleading.
There was absolutely no hesitation on my part.
I have been involved in cheerleading, dance, and modeling since I was much younger.

Honestly, I had dreamt about being a high school cheerleader for years!
I made the football and basketball squad for my freshman year and I was beyond excited!
I went on to cheer all four years for both football and basketball, and even went back a few years after graduating to coach.
My freshman year our all three squads combined to compete at the COA National competition in Jacksonville, Florida.
It was such an awesome experience!

Oh, did I forget to mention that I was terribly shy?
I mean like, I would some how develop a problem if I had to speak in front of the class or sometimes even reading out loud.
I was always in honors classes, so I would get so nervous if I had to have any sort of attention on myself when I was around the upperclassmen.

At this point you must be thinking "How the heck was she a cheerleader?".
My answer is simple...I loved cheerleading!
My shyness was pushed aside when I was on the sidelines or out on the court.

Senior Year Cheerleading Football & Basketball

If you can't tell from my pictures, I went to a pretty small high school.
Think 500 kids total in the whole school.

My school spirit has carried over into many aspects of life for me.
I can't just go to a sporting event or wedding or anything really without matching.
Example - The Browns weren't in the Super Bowl, so I had to wear the colors of the team I was rooting for.
Oh, and serve themed foods in those colors if possible.
For weddings I typically wear a black dress, but accent in the colors of the wedding.

**Side note - One wedding I new the guys were wearing brown instead of black, so I specifically picked up a brown dress to wear. Yes, I have issues. **

Moving on.
That summer before high school began I attended another camp besides cheerleading.
I had been in band since 6th grade, and was super excited to be apart of the Brookside Marching Band my freshman year.
In my opinion, that was THE best year of year!
So yes, like the movie American Pie I can easily use the line..."this one time at band camp".
I played the trumpet and had so much fun!
Concert band on the other hand, was so not for me.
It was the complete opposite of the fun, dance music we played in marching band.

Unfortunately, you weren't able to be a Varsity Football cheerleader and be in the marching band.
So I dropped out of band after my freshman year.
I knew cheerleading was more important to me.
And I was just average on the trumpet.

But that wasn't all I did in high school.
I was also on the softball team all four years.
I actually began playing softball when I was 6 years old and played every year through high school.
I even played on a traveling team after I graduated.

Softball was definitely my other love next to cheerleading.
I have some amazing memories of games.
And even better, I got to share my high school softball experience with my dad!
He was always one of my coaches over the years from mini-tail through my travel team years.
The very first JV game of my freshman year the actual coach just horrible to all of us.
He never returned for practive or anything after that game. Really strange!
My dad stepped in and then eventually became the JV coach and assistant Varsity coach through my high school career.
And then after I graduated he became the head Varsity coach for a number of years :)

I participated in student council, but nothing too crazy.
Like a room rep. vs. class president.
And I was a gym aide as well.
I like to be active, so instead of sitting in study hall I helped the gym teachers with taking attendance and such.

Melissa (Missy as I call her) has been one of my best friends since Kindergarten and still is to this day :)

Well there you have it!
Who I was in high school in a nutshell!
Want to know more? Just ask :)

Now I am heading to your blog to find out who you were!
Don't have a blog?
Comment below!
Who were you?
What decade were you in school?
Were you in the band or in sports?
Tell me! lol!

And just for fun, here is Mic in high school...
This was his senior year.
He is #25 :)


  1. I loved high school too! I love that your dad became the coach and you got to share that with him!

  2. Ah!! Love all the high school pictures!!!

  3. haha, I love this, and getting to know you better! So funny you were in cheerleading and band, I was too, freshman year. But I chose band as you can see if you go to my blog, LOL. I love cheerleading, but music was just calling my name :)

  4. You were a busy busy girl! I was a dancer and we "didn't love" the cheerleaders, but I guess you're ok. ;) Love all the old pics!


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