Thursday, August 20, 2015

Current Loves

Let me be straight up...I'm stressed.
But that is as negative as this post is going to get!

Let's be positive!
Here are a few of the things I am currently loving!

I picked this up recently for Mic, but decided to give it a try when getting him a dish of it.
Oh my!
This stuff is delicious!
Have any of you tried it?

I swung through our local store looking for some items to stage our house that I can also use in the future.
The prices are so low there!
I picked up a pair of really nice king size pillows, 2 gray throw pillows, a super soft throw blanket, and a full set of queen size sheets for $75!
Do you shop at Burlington?

This week all I have done is paint!
Between touching up walls, to painting whole rooms, that has been my life for the last few days.
We painted most of the rooms in our old house back in 2007 so the paint we had on hand was pretty old.
So old in fact, one of the colors doesn't exist anymore :(
That awesome crew at my local Lowe's helped me out and was able to mix the exact color from all those years ago!
If you are looking for a good paint I highly recommend Valspar Signature Series!
This stuff holds up really well, and is super easy to clean!

What are some of your current loves?

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  1. I love paint colors - glad Lowe's was able to match yours!! And that ice cream ... mmm!!!! We had salted caramel gelato the other day and it was soooo good.

  2. When I was in college I thought Burlington just sold coats, I was shocked to find out that they sold more. That being said I've never been to one before. Maybe I should check it out, although I have no idea where one is by me.


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