Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Football Fashion

Today I am linking up with one of my favorite football gals.
Even though Erin likes the other Ohio team, I still think we would totally be BFF's if she lived closer!

Joining the ladies at Sweet Little Ones today as well :)
Sweet Little Ones

So today we are talking about my most favorite sport of all time - Football!
Last year I talked about my team, food, fun, etc.
I still love and cheer for the same team, and still enjoy the same food & fun :)

Recently I have picked up a couple new pieces of gear, so that is what we are focusing on today.

This tee is super comfy and lightweight. Perfect for the beginning of the season or as a layer during the colder games.
You can see all the teams Old Navy offers by clicking on the link above.

AND....Because I love all things NFL, well except the Steelers, I couldn't pass up this tee either.

My dad gifted me this next top for my birthday last year.
It is definitely a little flashy for my traditional taste, but it will be a nice mix to my normal jerseys.

And speaking of jerseys, no fan wardrobe is complete without one!
It is my go-to option on game days at the stadium or watching from home.
 My brother gave me this personalized one quite a few years ago and I wear it most Sundays.
It says Roberts on the back with my favorite #6 :)
When I am really rooting for our defense I throw on my Joe Haden jersey!
And since X has one too, it is a fun Mommy & Me game day pick :)

As a Cleveland fan you have to be ready for freezing temps later in the season.
Honestly, my favorite games to go to are the ones where it is snowing and you are all bundled up!
Hats, coats, gloves, and hot chocolate are a must to stay warm!
And you can't forget your sunglasses!
I grew up going to the cold weather games with this girl below.
So happy that we are able to keep the father/daughter game tradition alive all these years (almost 30 years now!).

Who is your favorite team or player?
Do you sport a personalized or player jersey?
Do you just rock your team colors?
Do you have any football traditions?

Or dare I ask....are you not a football fan at all?


  1. My favorite number is 6 tooooo! Though I don't have a personalized jersey- and I"m a little jealous! haha!

    Doug has told me I'm not allowed to buy more baby clothes until we actually have a place to put them...but I'm seriously eying some adorable little Browns stuff!! And of course- I'm going to have to find a shirt/jersey that can fit over my belly for most of the season!

  2. My family is split on this! I'm a die-hard Bengals fan while my husband loves the Colts. Luckily, he's not the football fan that I am so the kiddos seem to be following in my footsteps (score!). I think it is incredibly awesome that you and your dad have this awesome tradition!

  3. We're Colts and Packers fans here...but really, we're mostly college football fans! Notre Dame all the way! I have loved reading everyone's football posts today - especially seeing all of the family traditions. I love taking our kids to Notre Dame on game day. That is so awesome you go to a game with your day every year! One of my fave things about football in general is the family time together! Looks like your family is that way too :) You should link up with us for Tuesday Talk this week (and every week!) if you haven't already - several hosts are doing the football theme with Erin. We'd love to have you! -Jess, Sweet Little Ones

  4. I love buying new football gear - every fall there is something cute and new that I just "need"! I do love how easy it is to get dressed during football season! Ha. We have a kiddo on the way, and I can't wait to dress him / her up in tiny Virginia Tech clothes :)

    Stopping by from Erin's link-up - have a great day!

  5. Ohh I like the flashy top!!! Even though I don't pull for the Browns I can appreciate cute football gear! I am so excited for football season. Two weeks in I start to wonder what I did during the weekends of summer without it! Ha!

  6. So glad you linked up, even if we do root against each other this time of the year ;) I love getting new Bengals tee's and gear each year- but jerseys are my good luck charm!!! :)

  7. I love sports fashion, my husband is a coach so besides dressing for our favorite college and professional teams, I have to fit in his high-school teams, as well.

    great post!
    Linds @ Not a mom

  8. Love how passionate you are about the Browns! I hope Manziel can represent my Aggies better this year! :)

  9. My brother is a Browns fan. And I align with the Bengals. So I'm right there with you on hating the Steelers! :) Looks like you have some great gear for this year. How do you like the logo change?

  10. I do have a bengals jersey and a few shirts but most of them are old-- I need to spruce up my wardrobe!!!! And you look adorable in all of these, but I have to say the Browns are yucky ;)

  11. I love your post. Your team spirit is AMAZING!!
    My favorite football players are my sons. hehe. But we do cheer for the Broncos, I just bought a shirt from Old Navy too!! I am looking forward to sipping hot cocoa in the stands.

  12. Such spirit here on today's Tuesday Talk! Thanks for linking up and sharing your spirit with us.


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