Tuesday, August 25, 2015

On the market!

Yes, it is Tuesday and I am doing my weekend recap.
To be honest, all my days are running together at this point!
Last week I was at the old house so much I can't keep track of what I did when.

While I was moving a few things on Friday I came across some photos that were perfect for #FlashbackFriday #fbf
This is one of my modeling shots from way back in 1998!
I had shoulder length hair and was advised to cut it that short!

And this next pic went right along with my Show & Tell post from last week.
That was my senior prom pic with my high school boyfriend of 4 years.
Boy did I love that dress and that hair!

After running around to what felt like a thousand different stores, I walked into Big Lots.
I don't normally go in there, but now that I see they carry Dairymens Iced Tea in single and gallon sizes I will be stopping by quite often!
#favoriteicedtea #cleveland #ohio

I came home from all the crazy and found these two just hanging out in the woods near the very dry creek.

This kid LOVES to perform!
He literally starts singing and dancing wherever/whenever  he feels like it.
These pics are blurry, but he was just so darn cute singing Rockin' Rando and his dinosaur song!
The best part was when he would close his eyes because he was SO into it! lol!
I hope he always enjoys music, and that he always has that much confidence.

I felt the need to take a picture of Lowe's since this was my 5th time there in 3 days!
Believe it or not, I actually went back again on Sunday!

Why was I going to Lowe's so many times you might ask?
Well, because we needed signs and numbers and a few other things to finish up our house.

On Friday night Mic and I pulled the trigger and posted our house on Zillow!
And finally by late Saturday evening we had the sign in the yard and surrounding areas to direct traffic our way :)
Praying our house sells quickly and we can cross that big to-do off of our list for 2015!

Sunday was filled with another trip to Lowe's and another trip to Target - with X this time.
We needed to pick out a blanket and pillow for nap/quiet time at his new school.
After looking the fairly large selection over, he decided on the Paw Patrol one :)
He of course needed that little dinosaur too!
And yes, the three of us are currently sleeping on a blow up mattress on the floor of the master bedroom. Together.
Again, praying our house sells quickly!
#ineedmybed #mybackiskillingme

Side story - While in Target, X and I walked through the toddler clothing section.
He saw this tee and had to have it!
I mean, he stopped what he was doing and just started singing out loud about how he wanted the shirt.
He said it was his Rockin' Rando shirt! lol!
Not sure what Rockin' Rando is?
X loves the song Talladega by Eric Church.
There is a part where he says rocking rando and X just loves it!
He has been known to sing only that part of the song over and over and over again!

Sunday night was our last fun night before school starts on Tuesday (today).
We enjoyed some popcorn and fruit snacks, and followed it up with YouTube videos on the tablet.
This kid loves to watch ones that are in just about every language but English! lol!

Tonight (Monday) we will be hanging out at home and trying to relax before X's big day tomorrow!
I can't wait!
In an ideal world I would be baking him a cake to come home to tomorrow afternoon, but since I work all day we will have to settle for some Kroger cupcakes!
I pray his first day and his entire year of preschool is an amazing experience for him :)

And don't forget to enter for your chance to win a copy of Mickey's Monster Musical!

Hope you all have a Terrific Tuesday!


  1. Wow, selling your house yourself is a big task! We've talked about it when we get ready to sell ours so thanks for sharing! Love all the pictures!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. Yay for finally pulling the trigger, fingers crossed it sells fast! That modeling picture, gorgeous! I had no idea you did that...more on that please!

  3. Love me some good old pictures! I need more modeling shots though hot momma!

  4. I hope your houses sells quickly!! I know how exciting but stressful that can be!! :) I love the throwback pics! :)

  5. You can rock a pixie cut lady!!! Fingers crossed your house sells, not having a bed is no good.

  6. fingers crossed for a quick sale!
    you look great with short hair!


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