Friday, August 14, 2015

FF | Food, Fires & Football

Last Thursday (meaning a whole week ago) I picked up mail at the old house and was greeted with this gem.
Taste of Home and Kraft Food & Family are easily my favorite magazines to receive in the mail.

We had only been living in the new place for about 4 days when I had a complete meltdown.
Moving from a fairly updated home in a neighborhood to a 70's home with no updates in the country has been rough!
After killing more bugs/spiders than I can count I was ready to get out of the house and pick up dinner.
I honest to God walked out of the house like this!
 Tee, sweatpants, flip-flops, and sunglasses.
I don't mind leaving the house with my hair pulled up and no makeup, but sweatpants?
I was obviously in meltdown mode and not thinking straight.

At the end of the day it didn't really matter what I was wearing.
I picked up some good BBQ at the new Old Carolina Barbecue Company in town and called it a night.
BBQ is my favorite!

I grabbed some lunch out on Friday and swung through Old Navy for some Back to School shopping for X.
I have a thing for plaid, so it was no surprise that I couldn't pass up this top.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find it online :(
I am sure it will become a favorite as the temps go down.

Friday evening we decided to just stay at home, make some pizzas on the grill, and enjoy the pool.
The water wasn't very warm, so we spent most of our time in the spa area.

Definitely a favorite spot for X!

Saturday Mic and I worked on cleaning out the basement at the new house.
There has been A LOT of stuff that needed thrown away.
 We actually found boxes and boxes of old tax documents and such dating back to 1987!
 Pictures were needed for proof.
 Once we threw it all in a pile, Mic poured the gasoline and I lit the match.

 It was wonderful!
I kind of have a thing for fire, so it was fun to see everything go up in flames.

My dad was camping nearby, so we picked up some dessert and joined him and my step-mom for dinner at the campground.
Mic found this gigantic glazed croissants that he couldn't pass up.
This picture doesn't do it justice!

After dinner X did one of his favorite things, well two actually, he danced and put on a show :)

And as it got dark, we did one of my favorite things...sat my a fire :)

By Sunday evening I was itching to make some real dinner.
I threw together one of favorite easy dinners - lasagna!
It has been a busy week, so those leftovers have been perfect!

 My dad sent me these next few pics from training camp this week.
While I didn't get to see my favorite team, I was glad he was able to go and report back how the team is looking :)

 Cheese makes me smile :)
I picked up some brie from Kroger and paired it with some apple slices for a snack that we could all share.
It is my new favorite treat now!

 Moving is definitely NOT one of my favorite things.
I feel like I am constantly loading and unloading my car.
Praying the end is near!

Good music makes this whole process bearable.
And I can't help but think of myself when ever this song comes on the radio.

And my final favorite of the week was this tri-tip I cooked up on the grill.
It was/is really good!
Now I am thinking I need a smoker so it is really great!
Again, I have a thing for fires so getting a bigger smoker totally makes sense right?
I can see lots of favorite meals being prepared in the future with one of those babies!

Tonight (as I am writing this Thursday afternoon) I have plans to chow down on some yummy blueberry foods and watch the Cleveland Browns in their first preseason game of the year!

How was your week?
What are your weekend plans?
Do your kiddos start school this coming week?
Also, do you have a smoker?

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Happy Friday Friends!
Hope you enjoy the weekend!


  1. All of your food looks amazing!!!!! I love me some lasagna!

  2. I got a plaid shirt at Old Navy yesterday too!! I am loving their plaid color combos this year! Can't wait for Fall! :)

  3. Good luck with the rest of your move! It can be so stressful, but looks like you are doing a great job cleaning stuff out.

  4. Hope the rest of your moving process goes smoothly! Happy Friday :)

  5. I love the plaid shirt you chose!!
    X looks very relaxed in the pool :)
    I love that you burned all those papers! What a great way to get rid of some clutter!
    Have a great weekend, Vanessa! :) :)

  6. Sometimes you just gotta to sweats, girl! I can't imagine how stressful that move was!! I'm sure it will get better SOON!!! In the meantime, I might have to pop into Old Navy and check out their Fall stuff because that Taste of Home cover and your cute plaid is making me want fall to come ASAP! Have a great week! XOXO


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