Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Five | Parents & Popcorn Love

All my days are completely running together at this point.
I am over here like "How is it Friday?" and "YEH! It's FRIDAY!!!" all at the same time.
We have been sleeping in our new place since Saturday night.
Not gonna sugar coat it, it is rough!
The three of us are sleeping on a queen size inflatable mattress in the master bedroom.
Our fridge doesn't fit in the designated spot (literally is a cm to tall) so it is currently sitting in the middle of the kitchen.
The list goes on and on so I won't bore you with that.

Now that I got that off my chest, let's get to some favorites from the week.

As always, linking up with the following ladies today.

After quite a bit of research and feedback from many of you, I made a decision and ordered a planner.
I ended up going with an Erin Condren one at the end of the day.
While there were quite a few cheaper options, this one seems to offer everything I was looking for.
That sprial binding is a big deal for me!
And I got a discount code too! So that really helped ease my mind :)
You can take advantage here and get $10 off your order as well!

My mom came down late Sunday night to help me pack some more of our stuff at the old place on Monday.
While packing and cleaning are never fun, it does make it better when your mom is with you :)
There was little conversation because I was beyond tired from moving all weekend, but we did manage to enjoy some Starbucks and Panera for lunch.

On Tuesday evening I spent a couple hours solo in the new place.
While I am not 100 % comfortable there, it was definitely nice to get some alone time!
I threw on my blardigan, popped the top off a Not Your Father's Root Beer and sat down to watch an episode of Chasing Life.
It was wonderful!

On Wednesday, I had some work done on my car at one of the dealerships my dad was working at.
Of course that meant we had to grab lunch afterwards :)
I always love when I get to have some one on one time with my parents.
What I love almost as much is popcorn!
We ate at a place called On Tap and they serve fresh popped popcorn to as you are seated!
It was delicious!
I will most definitely be returning!

I was thrilled with how my DIY project turned out!

We have plans to move more stuff, (fingers crossed) paint the areas that need touched up, and hopefully not get too stressed about it all!

Any big weekend plans?
Did your kiddos start school this past week or this coming week?
X has his preschool orientation in two weeks and then school starts the following week!
I might just be a tad bit excited for him! :)


  1. Preschool orientation. Yes, mine starts early September and hard to believe I have teacher workdays in a couple of weeks. Where did the summer go? Hang in there, Moving is not fun.

  2. I adoring your DIY tables---they turned out super cute! And sorry you've had a rough week--I know that moving can be really crazy but remember there is light at the end of the tunnel :) Have a great weekend (or try to with large amounts of Starbuck's and Panera).

  3. Happy weekending, hope there isn't still too much unpacking and you can enjoy some down time.

  4. Glad you chose Erin Condren - love mine! Good luck finishing up your move! Hope you feel settled in quickly :)

  5. Stopping by from the Friday Link-Up! I LOVE the Erin Condren planner! It's so functional and FUN!

    Britanie @


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