Friday, January 31, 2014

It is a Fantastic Friday!

There are too many link ups today to even try to think of a fancy, or fun title. 
Today is Friday so that means we will have a link up with Lauren for High Five for Friday and

1. It is Super Bowl weekend people! 
See more about my excitement and such below in my link up with Sarah :)

2. X took all his medicine and seems to be without a cold or cough anymore! 
This is huge in our house! 
(Fingers crossed as I type this-well you get the idea)

3. My Dietbet weigh in is this Sunday morning!
Thank God it is before the Super Bowl! lol!

4. PLL was A-mazing this week! 
I know that some of you watch the show too....can't wait to discuss :)

5. X slept in his bed until 5am (normally he is out it by 2:45am)! 
Again I am crossing my fingers, and again this is HUGE! 
Please God tell me we have turned a corner with this kid :)

Next on the agenda is linking up with Lisa and Kristen for
Showered With Design

The final topic is...

Reflect on how 2014 has been so far.

2014 has really been great so far and I am looking forward to see what other wonderful things are ahead for our little family. We are eating healthy most of the time, enjoying time with each other, are busy at work, and trying to take each day one at a time :)

My next link up (I said there were a lot of them today) is with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel for

I got my Pin-spiration from Sheaffer this month :)

Sheaffer listens to Pinterest a lot!
And I listen to Sheaffer A LOT!
Of course I jumped on once I received my gift cards for Christmas and picked up this soft and oh so comfy sweatshirt/tunic (currently sold out) she featured :)
Oh and I have those must have leggings too!
It is seriously the easiest outfit in the world to put together whether you are hanging out at home or running errands.
In my case, it was a lazy Friday night...

See my other Pin-spired looks for AugustSeptemberOctoberNovember, and January

And my FINAL link up for today is with Sarah for
Venus Trapped in Mars

This might just be my favorite of the day :)

I honestly don't think I have enough time to truly write everything I would love to say, 
but I will give it a try!
Sarah gave some great ideas on what you could include in your post, as well as basically telling you everything you need to know and more about the Super Bowl on a silver platter! You must check out her posts from this week! You won't be sorry :)

First and foremost I am a die hard Cleveland Browns fan!

Yes, that above image is the truth!
With that said, my obvious choice on the best colors in football have to be 
Orange, Brown, and White!
(If we were talking High School or college that would be a different story)

I mean seriously...those other colors don't stand a chance!

Now yes, my team hasn't come close very close to a Super Bowl appearance in all my years as a fan but I am still a fan!
I can't help it, I truly love them! I will be loyal til the day I die!

Since my team isn't in the big game :(
I will be rooting for the only option available in my opinion...

This guy! If you don't know this guy...please stop reading..seriously.
Peyton Manning might just be the greatest QB of my time!
As a Browns fan it is really hard to cheer on the Broncos, but as a Peyton fan it is a piece of cake!
I will be sporting some orange and navy this weekend like a true fan!

I also understand the game.
Funny Sports Ecard: I love NFL football  no, I dont watch to see men in tight pants. I watch to see what the offense does when they expect a 3-4 defense and get a Tampa 2. Questions?

I have grown up with the game.
I have been known to correct other females people when they can't figure out the difference between offense and defense, or when they don't know the position of a player based on his number. Not Sorry, I can't help it!

And don't get me started on how much I wished that the Cleveland Browns had cheerleaders! 
I would have been at those tryouts faster than who knows what!

What it boils down to is that I really love the NFL!
Must have this sweatshirt!

As far as food and drink go for the big game I posted some recipes I will be making here.
And check out one of my biggest pet peeves here ~ game related.

Who are you cheering for on Sunday?
Are you making any special foods for the game?

So that is all for today folks!
Thanks for sticking with me today :)
Don't forget to check out all the link up hosts and send them some love :)

Have a great Super Bowl weekend!

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  1. You're right...there were a lot of linkups today. That was smart to lump them all into one post. I am attempting to be a better football fan. My husband is a die hard Bears fan (I interviewed him in the post I linked up with Sarah and Karly). He was the only human downtown Indianapolis wearing Bears attire when the Bears played the Indianapolis Colts in Superbowl 2007. I don't really care who wins the Superbowl. I will most likely root for the team opposite my husband to ensure someone ends up with the winning team!
    Eva Marie Taylor

    1. When you are a small blog you do what you can :) That is awesome that your husband is a die hard like that! I had to visit Pittsburgh for work once and I made sure to sport all my Browns clothes and color as much as I could :)
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Peyton ALL THE WAY GIRLFRIEND!!!!! And you've taught me something, I had no idea that the Browns didn't have cheerleaders!!! Why is that?

    1. I think at one point we didn't have cheerleaders because we are a cold weather team, but other teams have them. Who knows! I am sure it is a money thing or something! Heck, I would do it for free! I loved my team and I loved being a cheerleader! :) Thanks for hosting the link up!

  3. Well I was really liking your blog until I got to the Broncos stuff....#GOHAWKS! haha, but you did a great job on your pin-spired outfit and Peyton is a great QB...I'll give him that. :) -Gina
    On the Daily Express

    1. Lol! Sorry! I don't dislike the Seahawks, but I LOVE Peyton Manning! He basically gets my vote over just about any team....except the Browns :)

  4. LOVE that comfy outfit! I don't have a vested interest in the Super Bowl's outcome. My team isn't in so I'm sort of meh. That NFL sweatshirt is really cute, I could see it paired up with some comfy leggings for a day in watching football.

    1. Thanks Alison! Sheaffer does point out a lot of clothing items I never would have looked twice at normally :) I am thinking the sweatshirt needs to make it to my closet! It would be perfect to watch the big game in since my team doesn't come close!

  5. I love that sweatshirt ! perfect for any game day :)

  6. Omaha!!!

    I am from TN so you know who I am rooting for. Peyton is a God in my state. :) Love the leggings look - comfy but still put together. :D

    1. Ha! I wish I would have heard Omaha last night. What a terrible game :(
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Okay, so you recreated one of my favorite outfits ever. You're right, it's just SOOOOO easy and still SOOOOOOO cute! I think I might just have to wear it today!
    Thanks for being such a loyal reader and commenter, and thanks for linking up today!
    I appreciate you!
    Sheaffer :)

    1. Thanks Sheaffer! It is always great to hear from you :)
      Keep up the great makes it super easy for me :)

  8. Good choice! I grabbed that shirt too and it is so comfy with leggings. I am bummed because I got mine too big tjough so it doesn't look as cute as it does here on you. Oh well, comfy works!

    Patrice @

    1. Oh my gosh...I like so many things Sheaffer or Shay feature! Some things I know aren't my style, but they bring me out of my shell a bit :) This does fit well, but I ordered a striped sweater a size up for length and it is huge!!! Lesson learned. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I LOVE that outfit of Sheaffer's that you recreated! So cute!!!! And, like you, I am a football fanatic. Born & Raised 49er fan. I am SOOOOO bummed we lost to Seattle & aren't in the Superbowl. And, like you, totally rooting for the Broncos. I went to college in Colorado, so gotta root for Denver. And, Peyton is just awesome. Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Thanks for hosting Mel! It is a bummer the Broncos lost last night...honestly it wasn't even a game :( Maybe next year!

  10. What a comfy tunic/sweatshirt!!
    I am sorry the Broncos are losing...we are sad here.

    1. The sweatshirt is amazing! Super comfy, soft, and pulled together!

      We had to DVR the game to but Xavier to bed....thankfully we were able to fast forward through the 2nd half of the game and just watch the commercials. lol!


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