Monday, February 3, 2014

It's the final push weekend

This weekend was my final push towards my Dietbet goal so it was filled with eating light/well, working out, and fun with friends :)

Friday night & Saturday morning I enjoyed some major sweat sessions with the treadmill, followed by some light body weight exercises.

The three of us ran some errands in the afternoon before enjoying 
a nice dinner on Saturday night with my in-laws.
The food was really good!
Mic had a huge pork chop over rice...

While I enjoyed some yummy perch!

Sunday morning we took X bowling for the first and had a great time!

And then we got ready for the big game!

We had our food ready to go 
and were dressed in blue & orange to cheer on the Peyton Manning.

The three of us enjoyed some chocolate covered strawberry footballs (recipe found here), some yummy wings, and chocolate Broncos cupcakes from Kroger.
Since Peyton wasn't playing like usual, X decided he better start warming up ;)

How was your weekend?
Did you watch the big game?
What were your favorite or least favorite commercials?

Come back tomorrow for some more yummy & healthy recipes and find out how I did on my Dietbet with Skinnymom!

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  1. Yeah for more little bowlers! Looks like your first time ended up about the same as ours. :) And I love his sideways throw with the bowling ball. Too cute.

    1. It was so much fun to see his reaction! He liked watching others bowl even more :) But after a few frames he was tired and wanted a snack. Lol!

  2. I love your blog