Wednesday, February 26, 2014

#xvsdailylife2014 Week 8

Day 50 ~ Enjoying one of my guilty pleasure shows while my nail polish dries :) #duckdynasty

Day 51 ~ They are here!!! So excited!!! #hunterwellies

Day 52 ~ These delicious wings can't cook fast enough!
#starving #itswhatsfordinner

Day 53 ~ X loved his first train ride at the mall!
#wealldid #itwontbeourlast

Day 54 ~ Thanks to Andrea's photo we couldn't help picking up a pretzel at Sam's Club to share :)

Day 55 ~ Surprising my main squeeze with his favorite shake!
#mickeydees #shamrockshake

Day 56 ~ Celebrating my FIL's 70th birthday at Brown Derby :)

Have you entered to win one of my prize packs yet?
If not, get over to this post here and do so today!!!
Two winners will be announced on March 1st!

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  1. Oh gosh, where is there still a Brown Derby? That's a blast from my childhood!

    1. Yes there are around still, but I think have changed a bit. Now they are called Brown Derby Roadhouse - .Mainly a steak joint that you can throw peanuts on the floor. I remember going to one in Elyria/Lorain as a kid, but it was a nicer place.