Thursday, February 20, 2014

February Ipsy Bag, Old Navy haul & teaser #3

I received my February Ipsy bag right before Valentine's Day and it featured some great items this month!
It was all about the look of love this of course that means pink.
I am not a huge fan of pink honestly, I prefer red all the way!
However, when it comes to make up pink does work pretty well with my skin tone :)
So let's see what I got!

Every month Ipsy sends you a new little make up bag filled with your goodies :) I love getting these new bags each month! I can use them for SO many things!
Gym bag, travel bag, mini first aid kit, etc.

The first item I saw was this pop beauty lip gloss in Fuchsia Freesia (retail price $16). It looks shocking pink, but goes on a with just a slight bit of color. Perfect for Spring :)

J. Cat Eyelashes & Glue (retail price $3.99)
They actually look really natural in the package, but I haven't actually tried them yet. 
They aren't ideal for this working girl on a daily basis, 
but I will keep them on hand for a special night out.

Next up, is this gigantic (3 in. wide!) blush from City Color.
It is Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon (retail price $2.99).
It looks super melony (yes, I made that up) in the container, but it glides on with just a hint of color and looks super natural. And I love the fact that it is matte instead of a shimmery blush. Perfect for me, and perfect for Spring & Summer!

I like to exfoliate my skin about one a week, but I never use a facial mask anymore. 
Just too busy these days :(
This Blue Clay mask and Activating Gel (retail price $39 for 6 masks) from skyn Iceland came at the perfect time for me!
I am ready to detox and brighten up my complexion with these two products.
And I did just that!
My face feels refreshed and rid of all the those winter toxins!

The last product I received in my glam bag is a new nail polish from 
Zoya called Odette (retail price $9).
It is a great purple-ish mauve shade.
Great color for this time of year!

So for $10 a month I received over $30 worth of products to try out. And I might mention most of them are full size products! 
What an awesome way to try out new polishes, lip glosses, etc. without the huge price tag.
If you want to start receiving a monthly glam bag from Ipsy, just click here to sign up!
And thanks for the bonus points :)

Now on to some of the items I picked up at Old Navy last week!
Here in Ohio we are still experiencing winter, but in the retail world they are moving on to Spring.
That means great deals on coats, jackets, and anything cold weather related :)
I managed to pick up the following items all for $100!
Even better?
I had a gift card and a 20% off coupon!

Exact Military jacket & oxford shirt (in medium orange and light pink).
This winter coat in navy (sold out), and this top in pink & white (sold out).

I also picked up 4 pairs of pants (jeans, khaki's, sweats) for X!

Have you taken advantage of any end of the season sales?

And your giveaway teaser for today is...

Remember there will be two prize packs of some of my favorite things! 
You can start entering to win on Monday :)

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  1. I got a completely different bag....I love that blush!!!! I cant wait to try the mask....I got a pink polish, that color is pretty too!!!

    I love EVERY thing Old Navy!!! Always great deals, especially for the kiddos


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