Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Healthy Life

I told you all that I joined an online group through Dietbet here.
The group was hosted by Brooke at Skinnymom.
The idea was to lose 4% of your starting weight during a certain time frame 
(January 5th-February 1st). 
I am proud to report that after a couple weeks of sickness, super busy at work, and just trying to handle every day life I was able to still eat healthy and workout most of the time.
Meaning = I hit my 4% goal!!!!
I submitted my weigh in photos and final weight yesterday 
and was verified that I am in fact a winner (lol)!
I should know within 24 hours how much money I actually won based on how many other winners there are.
If you are having a hard time sticking to a workout plan or just eating healthier to lose weight, Dietbet was great!
Betting on myself was a huge motivator to keep up the good work. 
And winning my money (and then some) back was a good motivator too!
You can join any of the groups on Dietbet or create your own group to keep you and others motivated. You can even set the time frame....1 month, 6 months, etc.

I am super excited and happy about being in a bit better shape, feeling good, and seeing a smaller # on the scale doesn't hurt either :) I am focused on keeping up with the working out, eating healthy, and feeling better about myself! I may even join another Dietbet along the way:)

Now onto the healthy recipes for the day!

I posted a few photos last week that we enjoyed some super yummy Chipotle burritos for dinner and a few of you commented on it. I am here today with some healthy items that you can make at home ($ saver) that are super similar to the real thing at Chipotle...just skinnier for you :)

Cilantro Lime Rice

Can you say YUM?
I have made this rice at home a few times now and my mom even thinks it is better than getting it at Chipotle!
I use Basmati white rice, but I am sure you could use brown rice as well to make it a bit healthier.

Skinny Black Bean & Corn Salsa

What an easy way to add your corn salsa and black beans!

No burrito is complete for me without Chicken!

Just put ingredients into a bowl or rolled into a whole grain tortilla with your favorite veggies, sour cream, etc. and enjoy!

What do you like to order at Chipotle?
Are you a bowl or a burrito person?
Have you made any other copycat recipes?

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  1. My chipotle order is so unhealthy, I really need to lighten it up! And make it myself to save money ;) So proud you won your diet bet, way to go!!

    1. Oh my order isn't the greatest either! I never get the healthy stuff! I always get double white rice, chicken, lettuce, and cheese! lol!
      Thanks! The dietbet really came down to the wire, but I am happy I challenged myself to do it!


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