Thursday, February 27, 2014

Keeping things simple

First, let me say Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman in my life! 
I am so blessed and proud to call you mom!
Love you!!! XOXO

Tomorrow is a big day around here!
2 Friday link ups and 1 great monthly link up!
Make sure you don't miss it!
Also, tomorrow is the last day to enter to win one of my two prize packs (valued at $100 each!)! 
If you haven't entered yet, do so today!

As for today...I am keeping things simple.

Linking up for 
Happy Kids, Inc.

Come join the fun!
FYI: You get extra entries for the above mentioned prize packs by following me on GFC and Bloglovin!
And tweeting about it too :)

Oh, and make you sure you visit Holly's blog to enter to win a $75 Target gift card! 
It has been great sponsoring Big Holly this month :)  

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  1. I am a new reader. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. new reader!! thanks for this fun giveaway!

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    2. You are welcome! Thanks for joining me :)

  3. New reader here! Excited to keep up with your adventures :)