Friday, February 14, 2014

Our week + I need your help

I am ready to get this week over!
Between Mic having the flu, me being sick, and this crappy snow...let's start a new week!

Here a some of the high points from this past week...

1. Enjoyed meeting some lovely bloggers from the Cleveland area. Read about our blate here!

2. Love watching the Olympics.
Those Russian pairs skaters are awesome!

3. Had a 2nd visit with my amazing stylist Kasey.
Sorry for the bad iPhone photo.

4. Decided to try to be crafty with my Valentine for Mic this year. Nothing like being sick while trying to pull off a grand crafty gesture! lol! Pics coming Monday :)

5. I don't say this much, but with the blog I will go on record saying that I am super thankful this week my in-laws live fairly close to us. Mic and I would not have made it through this week without them! They have picked up X from school, kept him overnight, 
and even offered dinner and such to us!
Thanks M & S for all your help!

How are you all celebrating Valentine's Day?
Unfortunately, due to the sickness in our house our plans have changed :( We originally signed up for a couples booty barre class with friends! I was so looking forward to laughing watching the guys try to do some of the moves. Our instructor was going to try to keep it light for them by making half of the class couples yoga. Then afterwards we were all going to a local wine bar for drinks and appetizers. Oh what fun it would have been! Instead we will be staying home and trying to get healthy. Maybe next year we can do the class :)

Now I need your help!
I have wanted to purchase a pair of Hunter boots for as long as I can remember, but the price tag is a bit high! Sheaffer and Shay have posted a few times about how much they love them, and how they are worth the money. I think I have decided to take the chance on them now. My winter boots have decided that they have had enough and have slowly started to fall apart :( Hence why now would be a good time to pick up those coveted Hunter wellies :) 
Here is what I am asking of you all...
Do any of you have them?
If so, do you think they will work well in the snow?
If yes, what color do I get?????
I have narrowed it down to the following colors...
Pillar Box Red, Black, Graphite Grey
Green, Navy

Decisions, Decisions!!!

Thank you in advance for any feedback you may have :)
Oh, and if you know of a better boot (quality, cost, etc.) please feel free to share as well!

As always, linking up on this TGIF with Lauren for High Five for Friday, and the ladies listed below for

Hope you all have a great weekend with your loved ones :)

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  1. I absolutely love my Hunters and they work VERY well in the snow. I'm a big Ugg girl and often wear my Hunters way more in the winter. The slushy snow just wipes right off them unlike Ugg's which can get wet and take a while to dry. I would recommend getting the Hunter welly socks to go with them for the winter as they are super cute and will keep your feet nice and warm! If you pull the trigger and get red, I will envy you. I went with normal black because I don't have any balls to branch out. :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! I decided to order the Hunters this weekend :) I ended up going with black for now, but if I like them and wear them a lot I will probably invest in a fun color too! I wanted the red so badly, but they just weren't ideal right now.

  2. I've had Hunters for at least 5 years- the dark green color and I love them. I agree with Sarah, definitely get some liners in there for the winter months. They make a huge difference in terms of warmth, and depending on the color/pattern you choose they make pairing your boots with your outfits much more fun and easy. One thing to note about the original, non-glossy Hunters- they develop a chalky patina which can be cleaned (you can find instructions all over the internet), but it's just something to be aware of! Happy shopping!

    1. Thanks so much for the advice Stella! I ordered the black ones this weekend with the socks :) Can't wait until they arrive :)

  3. A blogger meet-up sounds so fun!
    Love your hair color!
    I like the red & gray Hunter's.

    1. It was fun! I need to plan a meet up over the summer so PA, OH, and more can join in a neutral location :)
      Thanks! I so happy with how my hair color turned out this time! Almost exactly like my pinterest photo :)
      I absolutely love the red boots, but I decided to go with black for now. I think they will go with more outfits. Hopefully, I will get another gift card in the future and I can pick up another color!

  4. I really hope you were able to rest-up and kick the sickies goodbye this weekend girly!! I want those graphite gray Hunter's now… and I've never even really been a huge fan. But anything in gray calls my name, haha! I'm such a neutral gal!

    1. We were, thanks!
      The gray and red were my first choice, but at the end of the day I chickened out and ordered the black ones. I am sure I will love them! I hope I get another gift card for Christmas this year and I can pick up another color :)

  5. I love the black patent leather Hutner boots. I feel like those are so classic and will go with everything!

    1. Thanks! I ended up ordering the black ones with some red wellie socks :) I can't wait for them to arrive!