Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Healthy Life - Hair Edition

Yes, that does say "Hair Edition"!
Living a healthy life means a lot of different things, including keeping your hair looking good!
I know if my hair looks good my outlook on the day is great!

Up until a few short months ago I used to wash my hair every.single.day! 
And if I worked out that day, I washed it twice! I know crazy!
My fabulous stylist told me I just couldn't keep doing that :(
In the beginning I thought she was crazy!
Who doesn't wash their hair every day, or at least after working out?
Plus, I thought my hair was always way too greasy to go a day or longer without washing it! 

But in the end she convinced to at least give it a try.
I mean I didn't want to literally throw my money down the drain on my hair color.

So back in November I gave it a shot.
In the beginning it was rough.
Those first few days after a hair appointment is pretty easy honestly, because I love how it is styled, cut, etc.
I don't want to mess that up!
So I can easily go 48 or so hours without washing it.
It is after that first wash and blow dry where your hair doesn't do exactly what your stylist did for you just a few days before. I picked up a dry shampoo that a few other bloggers mentioned worked well, and didn't cost an arm and a leg. 

TRESemme' Freshstart Under $5 at most retailers.

I did really well for 2 whole months of only washing my every other day, 
and a few times even waiting 3 whole days!
My hair appeared greasy at first, but after about a week or so it slowly adapted to my washing schedule.
I used the dry shampoo by the bottle directions, but I never thought it was working. It always made my hair feel heavy and kind of gross :( I would end up with my hair in a ponytail or bun by 10 am each day.
So I continued with the washing every other day or so schedule, but I cut out dry shampoo entirely.

But after reading this post from Alison at Get Your Pretty On I decided to give dry shampoo another try!
I picked up the Dove dry shampoo.

I absolutely love it! 
It feels so light when you spray into your hair, you can immediately brush through it, and it doesn't leave a heavy or chalky residue. 
I now use this every "off" day and it feels great and adds just a bit of extra texture to my hair :)
And the price is great too at under $4 a bottle at most retailers!
If you are looking to try a dry shampoo for the first time, or are in the market for a new one I highly recommend Dove!

One more thing I want to add while we are talking healthy hair....Biotin.

I hate to admit this, but my son is a hair puller. 
Thankfully, he doesn't do it to other kids or his caregivers.
Just to me :(
Somehow my hair became a security blanket for him shortly after he was born, and at 2 years old it still is :(
Every night while putting him to bed he must JAM his precious little hands into my head to fall asleep. He loves to grab my hair and twist and twist until he is in a sweet dreamland state. 
Meaning = My head hurts, my hair is full of knots, and I am loosing WAY more hair than the typical 100 strands a day! (The upside was my hair was FULL of body...lol)I needed to make a change!
Now most of you are thinking....get the kid to fall asleep without pulling your hair out.
Yeah, easier said than done my friend!
So instead I turned to a Biotin supplement.
It really has made a difference!
It is a supplement for healthy hair, skin & nails.
Who doesn't want that?
It also helps support healthy carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism. Again, who doesn't want that?
I have noticed a difference in my overall skin tone, my nails don't seem so brittle, and my hair seems to be a bit tougher (if that makes sense).
Another product I highly recommend :)

I love finding products that work well and are affordable!

Do you wash your hair every day?
Do you use a specific dry shampoo?
Any supplements that you rely on?

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  1. Love biotin, I use it every day. I take iron pills too (but that's expensive.) I wash 3 times a week but it would be better if I could get it down to two! Dry shampoo helps a lot, but I've always rarely washed my hair so it's used to it and doesn't get greasy.

    1. I have never been able to take any vitamins with Iron in them. They always make me sick :(
      Washing your hair only 2 times a week? I would die! Do you put much product in your hair? Or wear it in a ponytail or bun a lot? My is filled with static after a day of no washing!

  2. I'm going to have to try that Dove spray. I have really greasy, oily skin which then goes into my hair. Thankfully, since I work from home I do wash only around every other day to avoid some of that, but would love to try the dry shampoo!

    1. I am the same way Sarah and Dove surprised me! Let me know what you think :)

  3. When I finally get around to doing my hair post you are going to DIE at how little I wash my hair. hahaha.

  4. How often I wash my hair really depends on the week, sometimes I'm good & wash it every other day, sometimes I'm really bad and wash it once or gah! twice a day. I have such baby fine hair that it starts to separate and look dirty by mid morning of day two so I try to curl it on my off days. I haven't had any luck with dry shampoos as shampoo. Like you said, they tend to make my hair look & feel gross when I wear it straight (I've tried a few "cheap" brands and professional salon brands as well) but I absolutely love them for the texture they add when I curl my hair or want to wear it up (no fly-aways) I'm going to have to give the Dove a try. And Biotin. Definitely getting some Biotin! Thanks for the tips! <3

    1. I do the same thing! I straighten my hair on wash day and then curl the next day :) If I am lucky and the 3rd day is a Sunday I will just put on a hat or throw it into a bun :)
      Let me know what you think if you try them!


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