Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine Treats

Valentine's Day is only a week away! Wow!
I need to get my butt in gear!
I have been scouring Pinterest for some cute ideas to celebrate the day of love 
and I just can't decide!
There are so many adorable little treats for X to give his friends at school, 
as well as some fun little ways to celebrate at home :)

Here are some of the ideas I am kicking around for X to bring to school next Friday...
This idea is great!
X loves eating mandarin oranges and I would much rather give his friends something healthy :)
I love the idea of Teddy Grahams and Gummy Bears!
So cute!
I am such a sucker for S'mores!
I might need to hand these out to my friends! ;)

This one might just be the winner this year!
X LOVES cars! I means seriously LOVES cars, trucks, etc.!
The kid goes to bed holding one and wakes up immediately asking for one!

And my little stud muffin might need to rock this outfit
How cute is that tie?
And those kicks are so X!

I think we might need to have the following at home to celebrate...
Cupid's Float would be a great drink for kids and adults!

And of course we need something sweet to eat!

The Mix and Match Mama's Valentine's cupcakes are perfect!

And if we decide to watch a movie or 
have some friends over this treat would be great to have on hand...

And I just found this photo as I was writing this post...
If you know my husband, this is perfect for him!
No, he isn't an alcoholic...but he would still love this!
I just need to see if they have those mini bottles of Hennessey or Buffalo Trace!

You can check out my whole Valentine's Day board here!

Do you have your child's valentines ready yet?
Do you make your own or buy the them at the store?
Any big dinner plans for Valentine's Day?
Do you exchange gifts with your spouse?

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  1. We're doing a little baggie of those small powder donuts with a "Donut you know that I'm glad you're my friend' tags from Drew! And that VDay snack mix looks delish!

    1. What a cute idea! I think I will be making that mix even if we don't do anything! lol!

  2. All of these ideas are so cute! I really like the "cutie" valentines. How fun!

    1. Thanks Kim! It is a tough decision between the cars and the cuties :)

  3. Those are all adorable--- I say go with the 'wheelie' one! Too cute and unique! :)

    1. Right? I think I need to have a kid party at my house just so we can do more than one! lol!

  4. I made Tara a bouquet of mini liquor bottles last year :) It was awesome!

    1. That is awesome! It is pretty easy to make? I think Mic would be thrilled if he received this! I need to check out our liquor store this weekend :)