Friday, February 21, 2014

It's X-tremely V's 1st Anniversary!

Nothing like posting extremely late on your blog 1st anniversary!
The worst part is that I didn't even think about what I was going to write for today!
Not like it is an important day or anything!

Oh yeah, and don't mind the total design mistake I made to the blog yesterday. That is what I get for trying to attempt something new while watching a YouTube video!
If you don't notice my mistake....then forget what I just typed :)

So on with it for the day!

I can't believe I made it one whole year!
I honestly started this blog because I was in a rough place and needed an outlet of sorts. (If you were here before the redesign you would understand - cold, black) I wasn't looking to throw my dirty laundry out there, but I wanted a place where I could be me - the good and the bad. A place where I felt accepted regardless of what I look like, where I live, etc. A place to get me through the rough things in life, and to think more positively.

It wasn't just the writing that helped me find my way again,
it was all of you loyal readers!
Your comments, emails, etc. have made me realize that I am not alone on a lot of things. 
I can be me and not be ashamed of that.
The best thing this little piece of the Internet gave me was some amazing friends that I never would have met!
I know I haven't met most of you (yet),
but it feels like we have known each other for years :)

Today for my High Five for Friday/5 on Friday I will be highlighting 5 posts from the past year.
They aren't my favorite posts or my most viewed, but a good way to get to know me if you are new around here :)

And if you decide to stop reading here...
Remember to join me next week to enter to win one of two prize packs I am giving away!

1. One of my very 1st posts can be found here
I wrote about my favorite blogs. It sure is funny to see how my taste has changed in the last year.

2. I wrote about my love for party planning here.

3. Here are some random things about me :)

4. You can read My Wedding series here.

5. Could we be BFF's? Find out here!

Of course linking up for H54F with Lauren and

Now it is time to focus on next week!
I have prize packs to put together, photos to take and more!

And your teaser for today is...

Have a great weekend!

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