Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Could you be my BFF?

When I am drawing a blank on what to blog about my wonderful friend Pinterest is always there to help me out :) One pin alone gave me a site with 600 ideas!

Today's topic was suggested by Ashley at Little Miss Momma.

I will not talk to you on the phone or through the door while I am going the bathroom. Whatever it is, it can wait 2 minutes until I am done.

I will not let Mic or anyone else take my groceries out of the cart at the register. I don't think they will do it right! And by right I mean, heavy stuff first, then all cold, then cans and boxes, followed finally by chips, bread, and eggs.

I can't wipe any food, snot, whatever it is off of X's face without a paper towel or tissue. The kid will have it there forever before I use my bare hand!

I can taste a difference between regular Pepsi and caffeine free Pepsi.

I rather clean out the cat's litter box than do laundry or dishes.

I won't share dairy of any kind. It is just gross!

I love wearing baseball hats! I would wear them everyday if I could.

I love learning dance routines (HSM anyone) or making them up myself. It must be the cheerleader in me :)

I thoroughly enjoy working out! I think I should have been a personal trainer.

9 times out 10 I know all the words to a song after hearing it one time.

I have an unheathly addiction to watching TV and I don't care.

I love planning themed parties/get togethers. I would host a party every month if I could afford it!

I don't care how "good" a movie is (all time greatest list), if it doesn't look good to me I don't want to watch it. End of story. Sorry/not sorry Godfather series, Braveheart, etc.
I was told I had to at least watch Shawshank Redemption since I live in the town it was filmed....still didn't like it.

I think Lucky 13 is enough for today :)
What things should your BFF know about you?
Do you agree or disagree on the items I mentioned?

Tomorrow is
X-Tremely V

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  1. Brad is the same w groceries!!! he will not let me touch them and gets pissed

    you can come clean my cats liter box and I will do your dishes and laundry!!! ;)

    I am similar w movies...and if I cant get into it in the first 5 minutes, I am done reason I will not go to the theater to see a movie!

    I love TV!!! Its on all day and my daughter watches it probably more than she should, but I honestly feel its a reason she is as smart as she is!

    1. I might just take you up on the litter box/dishes/laundry deal :)
      I have the TV on all night and weekends with X around just hoping to distract him so I can get something done. Probably not the best, but we need to do what we need to do right?! :)

  2. I love posts like this!! I learned so much! (Ps just started following you on Pinterest- and good lord I'm excited to stalk your boards!!!) I love learning dance routines too haha, AND if I could afford it, I would def throw fabulous parties all the time.

    1. I hope you didn't learn anything too horrible about me ;) I am so obsessed with Pinterest! Sometimes I feel like I am the only pinning things! lol!
      It must be a cheerleader thing :)