Tuesday, November 5, 2013

23 months old

For a moment there I was drawing a complete blank on what to write about....then I looked at the date at the bottom right of my laptop and thought
"OH CRAP! X is 23 months old tomorrow!"
So here are some of the things my little crazy man is up to these days :)

He repeats so many words these days!
Thankfully he hasn't repeated anything bad :)
Things like...Yummy, yummy! Trucks! Tractors! Food items and more!

He has gotten so much better at playing on his own and letting me and Mic get ready for work, or make dinner.

He has started experiencing nightmares/terrors :(

Got his first cold of the season, along with fluid in both ears, and wheezing :( I love the Fall, but not when my little guy is sick!

He has got some serious rhythm! He can clap and dance to the beat of the song :) Makes this mommy super proud!

He loves to clean up! Sweeping the floors, throwing things in the trash, wiping off his face and hands, etc.

He thinks he can do everything himself now :(
He gets super mad when he can't put his own socks and shoes on. But on the bright side, he is pretty good at taking his shirt and pants off by himself :)

He "sings" little songs to himself while playing or in the bath tub :)

He also has a serious head of hair on him! That will be different by 2 for sure!

He also likes to pose/makes faces/etc for pictures now!

Can't believe my little guy will be 2 next month!!!!
Is your little one growing up faster than humanly possible?
Anything I have to look forward to next month at the big 2 year mark?

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