Friday, November 1, 2013

It's Friday, It's November Pinspired, It's a great day!

This week has been crazy once again!
Let me start off by apologizing for the crazy spacing on here today. Blogger is not working well with me :(

Linking up today with a bunch of fabulous ladies!
It's High Five for Friday with Lauren, along with...


So let's begin!

X was an absolute blast at the zoo running around in his Perry costume :)

A Panera Bread opened up down the road from me this week :)
Bonus: I received a couple of gift cards during my visit!

Totally comfortable laying on his trampoline while reading his Shrek book.

Rocked my new scarf that I picked up in Nashville.

It was too cold and he was still sick, so we spent trick-or-treat indoors playing with cars. Of course he still had to rock his skull and crossbones sweatshirt :)

Now it is time to Get Pin-spired!
First up is this orange and brown combo.
I love orange and brown together...I am a Cleveland Browns fan remember!

Orange and it.
 My outfit...
Denim jacket from Gap (similar here)
Orange sweater from Kohl's (similar here)
Brown pants from AE (similar here)
Music note scarf from the Grand Ole' Opry (similar here)

Next is my running errands outfit on a cold Saturday.
Fall fashion, graphic sweatshirt, converse, our happiness tour
Gray sweatshirt-Gap (found here)
AC/DC hat (similar here)
Rock & Republic jeans (found here)
White converse (found here)
Still rockin' my glasses :(

Final outfit pinspiration courtesy of Sheaffer @ Pinterest Told Me To :)

Black, Brown, AND GREY!!!!!  It's totally okay to mix dark neutrals.  You will look so chic!  JUST DO IT!
Gray sweater from NY&Co. (similar here)
Black skinny jeans (found here)
Cognac boots from JCP (similar here)

That is all for today folks!
How was your week?
Were you pinspired by a recipe or outfit?

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  1. I love that costume he is so cute! hope he is feeling better soon!!

    i love that last outfit!!!!

    1. Thank you Cari! He is slowly getting better :)

      That last outfit was so last minute too! :)

  2. great outfits, V!!
    I love the musical note scarf, white Converses, and those cognac boots!

  3. Love all your outfits!!! I would wear each & every one of them! Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. A trampoline looks like a very cozy place to read a book!

    1. :) Kids find the strangest places to relax!


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