Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I can see, I can see!

After living in my glasses for the last 45 days I have FINALLY been cleared to start wearing my contacts again!
To those of you that don't have to wear contacts or glasses -
I curse you LUCKY!
To those of you that wear glasses every day -
I give you tons of credit!
My Rx is not meant to be in doctor even says so.
I have an astigmatism in one eye, while the other eye is nearsighted :(

Why I can't I wear glasses you ask?
With glasses my eyes are constantly trying to compete with each other to see which one can give me the clearer picture.
With glasses I completely lose my peripheral vision.
With glasses I have a super sore neck because I am constantly trying to turn my head different ways to view something.
With glasses I am unable to enjoy a good workout because they are constantly sliding down my face.

Sure I could try to take my glasses off for just little exercises, but I would make myself dizzy during a barre class!

But today is a new, wonderful, glorious day!
Today is the day I can start wearing my contacts again.
Even if it is for only a few hours at a time...I don't care :)

Workout classes here I come!

Now if anyone has any tips on how to keep my extremely dry eyes from getting irritated to the point of no return while wearing my contacts I would greatly appreciate it :)

Here are a few shots of me rockin' my glasses over the last 45 days...

Thank you all for letting me celebrate this little victory in life :)

Have you had any small personal victories lately?


Don't forget the X-tremely V's Christmas Cookie X-change begins tomorrow!
I hope you have your recipes ready to go :)
Thanks go out to Erin for all her help!

X-Tremely V

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