Friday, November 22, 2013

A week of X!

This week seemed to be all about X,
but then again almost every week is all about X!

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We cleaned off my old rocking/bouncing horse for X.
So glad my mom saved it all these years :)

Running errands with Mommy and Daddy means a stop at Skyline Chili for dinner :)
Always a good time!

Wednesday  morning was school pictures at daycare,
but X wasn't feelin' it :(
This melt down is typical these days...Terrible Two's Suck!
However, I did hear that he did very well during his pictures :)

X had a great time playing at a friend's house Wednesday evening. I think I now have an idea for a Christmas gift for him as well :)

X's new winter coat and overalls arrived last night.
Can't wait for him to wear this while playing in the snow!

So how was your week?

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  1. I had a rocking horse just like that when I was little! I wish we'd been able to save it.

    1. I loved it as a kid, and I so happy my son does as well! :) Great memories!

  2. our old school toys are the best!!!

    that camo jacket!!! so cute

    1. They are! I walked into Toys-R-Us this weekend and there are a ton of things being remade from when I was a kid!

      Thanks! I can't wait for him to wear it :)