Monday, November 18, 2013

It was a weekend

The weekend was the weekend.

Friday I had to leave work early to head up north to attend calling hours for my godfather's dad. Afterwards, I enjoyed a short but enjoyable dinner with my dad :)

Saturday was super lazy! X and I caught up on Glee and The Voice while Mic got some work done. I LOVE that my little guy enjoys all things music with me :)

Nap time cuteness :) Hand on chest and eyes half open! lol!

Saturday evening Mic and I enjoyed some adult time with friends at Lagerhead's.

First time playing Cards Against Humanity and I kicked butt!
I still prefer Apples to Apples though :)

Sunday was super productive!
Laundry, dishes, rearranging furniture, and putting up one the of Christmas trees :)

Still need to decorate it, but at least one tree is up! :)

The Cleveland Browns were supposed to play the Cincinnati Bengals yesterday, but Joe Haden was the only one who showed up :(

At least we were comfortable while we watched the game.

How was your weekend?

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