Monday, November 25, 2013

The Weekend

Other than Sunday afternoon from about 1-4pm, the weekend was good :) And honestly, I was still pretty productive during those above mentioned hours (that happens when your football doesn't show up to play AGAIN!).

This weekend was productive, but still fun!

Friday we spent the evening at home organizing, doing dishes, etc.

Saturday the 3 of us ran a few errands in the morning. I knocked out a few Christmas gifts out too!
I picked up a plate and some colored sharpies at Target and made this for X :)
Thanks for the idea Cari!
(Another Roberts girl - no relation)

There are 2 times a year I will eat Oreo's...
Halloween for the orange creme and Christmas for the red creme :) Not sure how, but they just taste better!

Shrek 2 was on while we were pulling out our Christmas trees. Who doesn't love Gingy?!?!

Enjoyed a nice fire in our new fireplace on Sunday evening :)

How was your weekend?

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Have a Magical Monday! :)
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  1. Where in Ohio are you from? My husband is from Cincinnati. We lived in Cleveland for a couple years. Following from the hop. Looking forward to reading more :)

    1. Thanks for joining me! I am from the west side of Cleveland originally, but I am now living in central Ohio (Mansfield). Where in Cleveland did you used to live?

  2. That plate turned out so cute....

    I completely agree about the oreos...also the spring ones!

    love that fireplace!!!

    1. Thanks for the instructions on the plate! I don't think I have ever had Oreo's in the Spring! lol! I will have to check them out :) Thanks! Our basement renovation has taken forever, but it is almost done and worth it :)

  3. I love the plate you made for Xavier!!
    Your fireplace is so cool!
    I saw your comment to Erika about buying X a red sweater at Target--I think I got the same one for N :)

    1. Thanks Rachel! That is funny! I shop at Target all the time for X instead of the higher priced stores because he grows out of things so fast/or ruins them quickly :( I actually picked up the cream colored sweater for him, but the red was so cute too! We are getting X's 2 year pics/familly christmas photos this weekend and he will be wearing the sweater :) Can't wait to see Nolan rock the red one :)


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