Friday, February 22, 2013

Blogs, blogs, and more blogs!

I have become a little obsessed (ok A LOT obsessed) with blogs over the last few months. Every time I find one I like, I then want to know what other blogs they like and so on. My "Favorites List" on my laptop has become so long that I had to create a folder just for the blogs I enjoy reading!

So I decided I would feature the blogs that inspired me to start writing my own! Who knows, maybe this will become a weekly thing that I do.

Today I want to feature a few blogs that always keep me wanting more and more!

1. The Small Things Blog

I found this blog awhile ago through Pinterest by simply pinning a photo of a hair tutorial. Honestly, this is my FAVORITE blog! Kate is amazing! I can't wait to see what her new post will be. Between the hair tutorials, fashion picks, etc. I just can't get enough! Then the best post so far came along --- "Blogging Part 1 - Starting a blog". It was like she read my mind! I know I sound crazy right now...oh well! Check out Kate @ The Small Things Blog by clicking the link above. You won't regret it!

2. Putting Me Together

This blog is right up my alley right now since I just so happen to be trying to figure out my own personal style (this will be discussed further in a future post). Audrey is great at remixing pieces from your closet to create new outfits. For the most part I have very similar items, so it makes it really easy to try it out. My favorite thing is she shops at lower cost stores! Again, right up my alley!

3. J's everyday Fashion

Yes, another fashion blog.....but I swear it is good! Everyday there is a new outfit post that has been inspired from a photo J has found. She explains where all items she is wearing are from or where you can get a similar item.

My favorite part of these blogs are that the authors are the ones in the pictures or models! They are relatable people, and for me that is huge!

So the weekly blog feature might just be a good idea after all. I have so many more wonderful blogs I would love to share!

Until next time....Have a great weekend!

XoXo ~ V

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